Missha Wonder Woman Haul ♡ 미샤 원더우먼 에디션 하울

Monday, 28 December 2015

Hey everyone! I'm attempting to do some more beauty related posts but since my skin has taken a horrible turn recently with me being ill, I'm just sticking to haul posts at the moment! Hope that's okay for you guys!

Today's haul is from Korean Brand Missha and their limited edition Wonder Woman range that they brought out a couple of months ago. I had posted about this range in the form of a wishlist on my old WordPress blog and my fiance had read my blog post and picked the things from post and got me them for my Christmas! Such a wee star! He had intended on buying me more of the nail varnishes but the seller messed the order up so one that he got from another seller came through, I'm delighted regardless!

So this post is just to share each of the things I received and I will get reviews done on them most likely when I get my new camera in the next couple of months!

Eye Colour Studio - #2 Lovely Look ♡ 아이 컬러 스튜디오 - 2호 러블리 룩

First up is the item from the range I had wanted the most out of everything released in this range. Since I started experimenting with eyeshadows for the first time this year, I was looking for palettes with colours that would suit me and that I prefer. I liked this one the most due to the coral/red colours in it. The sample looks with this palette that Missha shared also sold it for me because they were some gorgeous looks!

Take a look for yourself at the gorgeous colours! There are 3 matte shades, 4 glitter shades and 3 shimmer shades. I'm looking forward to creating looks with a combination of the three finishes given and I know the colours in this set are going to be ideal for creating a Valentine's day look! So look forward to that!

Perfect Cover B.B. Cream - #21 ♡ 퍼펙트 커버 비비크림 - 21호

This product is simply a case of limited edition packaging for one of the brand's best selling product. This is actually the first B.B. Cream I used about 6 years ago and to this day is one I know I can always fall back on. It's become a staple of mine and I have gone through numerous tubes of it. I have preference for other BBs over this one, but I still love this one nonetheless and will continue to use it very regularly!

I love the packaging of this version and I particularly like the red tone added to what would normally be a clear beige toned cap. It's a nice little touch to the product! I'll go more into that when I review the product itself!

Glossy Lip Rouge - GCR03 Wanna Coral - #21 ♡ 글로시 립루즈 - GCR03 워너코랄

I initially thought the name for this was a typo but apparently it's not. This is another case of simply being limited edition packaging. I am not something that likes wearing lip gloss because of how sticky it is and there's nothing worse than getting your hair stuck in it. But a glossy lipgloss was something I have yet to try and with my love of wearing coral on my face, this was the ideal one for me (and my man kept good note of that!). I've swatched it on the back of my hand and not found it remotely sticky, looking forward to giving it a proper wear though! 

Lucid Nail Polish - VL12 ♡ 루시드 네일 폴리쉬 - VL12 

The last item in the haul is this nail varnish! This was a colour my man said he liked the most and thought I would like and I do! I don't currently own any purple nail varnishes so this is a nice addition to my collection. I haven't been painting my nails much since I've become pregnant but I'm looking forward to trying this one out! The sample photos that Missha released makes the colour look stunning on nails!

I'm excited to use these products and share my experience with you all! I think this range would be a must have for any comic book geek ladies out there as they will definitely make an impression on your beauty table! Which of the products do you like the look of most? Have you already used products from this range?

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