GENDER REVEAL: We're Having A.....

Monday, 25 January 2016

Today's finally the day! I had my mid-pregnancy scan today to find out if the baby is developing properly and as it should at this stage, finding any possible defects that would be present at birth or pose a risk to the baby. During this scan, you are given the option to find out the gender of your baby. Some people choose not to find out, some people (like myself) REALLY want to find out what they're having. So today was the day we would finally get to know. 

So, to keep you from waiting much longer it's time to announce to all of my lovely readers that Stuart and I are having a....

Baby girl! We are so super excited about it and we all had a feeling it was going to be a girl from the start. So incredibly happy and we can finally start addressing our baby as "her" and by her name which is Rinoa. Can't wait to meet her in a few months time. 

She has already been absolutely spoiled to the high heavens today with a million dresses and little pink converse (don't worry, massivvveeeeeeee haul post coming this week!) and I've already planned out how I'm going to get her nursery to look. 

So many people have been guessing and I would say probably 90% of people have said they think I'm having a girl and that is definitely the case now! Time to get shopping heads on and buy the cutest little things we can. Already getting ready to make a little door hanger for her bedroom with her name on it. This is so exciting that the wait is finally over! A few more months and I will be able to hold my little princess. 

There's going to be so much pink everywhere, so look forward to that! 
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