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Friday, 26 February 2016

After starting this new blog about 2 months ago with the intention of being a beauty blogger here I am finally with an actual beauty review! This is my first proper one to be done (I'm not including my Samples of Beauty feature!) and I'm excited to try and do these as regularly as I can! I am aiming for one a week for the next month, wish me luck!

Today's product comes in the form of a lip tint from A'pieu that I featured in my first haul from the brand. They created a range of red lip tints in a variation of shades. I went for the Apple tint as the colour looked the most radiant out of the set. One thing that sets this apart from most of the Korean lip tints I have purchased in the past is that this one also comes with a lip gloss to apply over the tint. So you really have the option of three different uses (tint, gloss & tint+gloss) depending on how you're feeling with your look!

Top | Left to right: 1 Coat, 2 Coats, 3 Coats (stain only)
Bottom | 1 Coat (gloss only)

A tint is supposed to do just that, add a slight stain to your lips. Because of this, a lot of them aren't very pigmented but can be built up upon. As you can see from the above image that this is exactly what this does. I find that on the lips (as I have naturally quite pigmented lips) that 3 is enough for me to be able to get a decent enough pop of colour on my lips. However, one coat looks lovely if you're just going for a natural look and you want your lips to look slightly blushed. One thing I really liked about the gloss is that it's not sticky! It's a gloss with a very smooth texture. It is however slightly more pink in colour.

When the product is upright (aka the text reads top to bottom properly), the tint is at the bottom and the gloss is at the top. The sections simply screw off from the middle section. 

Each side of the product has the same sponge/brush applicator, one that is standard of most lip products. I find these brushes pick up enough of the product to be applied with ease and without having excess. 

The back shows the product name (Korean), some extra information such as the distributor (both in English and Korean) and the brand's website. The black text at the bottom is the manufacture date (so this one was manufactured on the 14th of August 2015) and what I assume is the item code for the product. 


I apoligise for my skin in these photos. So this is how the stain looks on it's own after 3 coats. For me this is enough for me for day to day. 


One layer of gloss and the colour stands out so much more. I feel like the main aspect of this product is actually the gloss. With the stain underneath it gives the impression of the colour lasting longer on the lips. 

I love how this product looks, it's a nice subtle red that can be worn every day and it's a colour I feel compliments my complexion. 
- Gorgeous subtle red
- Applies smoothly and cleanly 
- Very affordable (£2.79!!!)
- Addition of lipgloss adds extra moisture and colour
- Non-drying
- Clean, simple packaging
- Lasts for several hours (even after drinking)
-  Very buildable
- Could be slightly more pigmented
. /

This is one of the first products I have tried from A'pieu and safe to say, I'm very impressed with the quality for the price. I would love for these to come in coral shades as well (I love coral make up!!!) but I'm happy with red for now! I would give this a recommendation if you're looking to try out Korean lip stains as this is one of the ones that has definitely had the smoothest application out of the lot I have tried (others tend to bleed and be streaky). Have you tried the stains yourself? Would you like to now upon reading this? Would you like me to review more Korean lip stains so you can compare?

Hope you all have an amazing weekend and I shall have one or two new posts up this weekend as well! 

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10 Things I'm Looking Forward to About Motherhood - Part II

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

With just under 17 weeks to go until my little princess is here, I'm finding myself wanting her to get here sooner. I have so many plans in my head of things I want to do with her and just some little things that I can't wait to happen. I did a post last month about 10 things I was looking forward to about my impending motherhood with a focus on my baby as a newborn. This week's post focuses on the early years of childhood. 

1. Hearing "I Love You" for the first time

This is something I'm sure most parents/parents to be are looking forward to is hearing their child tell them they love them for the first time. I can't even describe how it would make me feel to hear that and I will probably get extremely overwhelmed when she does say it. 

2. Having mummy & daughter beauty days

Although I had no preference for what gender my baby was going to be, knowing I'm going to have a daughter opens up beauty days! Days when we can both get all dressed up, I can do her hair, nails and a little bit of make up (probably just lipstick and blusher in all honesty).

3. Taking her to see the world

Stuart and I want to be able to take our child to various places throughout the country so she can see different areas. Take her to different restaurants and stores in cities that we don't have in Inverness. This could simply be days out or entire weekends away as a family. As she gets older, we hope to go on a family holiday together and we would rather go when she's at an age that she will remember what the holiday was like. 

4. Baking together

I mentioned in my last post in this series that I wanted to do baking weekly (on a Sunday) and I would absolutely love for Rinoa to help me where she can. I remember when I was little I loved being in charge of the mixing and getting to lick the spoon after. She can help with icing and decorating as well! This is something I don't want her to miss out on at all so I hope to do this regularly with her when she's a little older.

5. The first milestones

First step, first tooth, first word, first time holding something, everything. I can't wait to witness these and see how she's developing. I will be purchasing a baby memento book for me to keep track of all of these things that she does. This is for us to look back on and for her to look back on when she's older. 

6. Having family film nights

We have talked about this quite extensively about how we would love to have one night at the weekend (most likely a Friday) when we get a takeaway and sit and watch family films together. Means Rinoa gets to have a night a week that she doesn't have to go to bed early and means she gets something as a treat from the takeaway! There's also the high chance of her cuddling into us and falling asleep as we watch the films anyway and it'll leave us to carry her through to bed. Which is an image in my head I adore.

7. Taking Arts & Crafts work home from school

I was thinking about this on Valentine's day and how usually at school, when it comes to holiday times, you will often be made to make a card or something similar to take home. I can't wait to see what adorable drawings and cards she comes home with for us and we will be keeping a hold of every single thing that she makes and keeping it in a box. Things will be displayed somewhere in the house until she returns with something new next time!

8. Lazy days at home while Daddy's at work

There's a good chance myself and the little princess will wake up around the time that Stuart does for work (possibly earlier to be nice enough to make him breakfast....we'll see!) and then the rest of the day will be spent with her playing with her toys while I do some cleaning, possibly watching some daytime TV (Jezza!) or playing games a bit. Then I would let her watch her kids TV shows while I start getting dinner ready for Stuart coming home. Then there will be Stuart walking in the door and Rinoa getting all excited shouting "Daddy's home! Daddy's home!" (or something to that effect) which ends up in a nice big family cuddle and a sit down at the dinner table. 

9. Swinging while walking

Remember when you were a kid and you were holding two older people's hands and as you were walking they would start swinging your arms and then swing you forward after a little countdown? That was something I loved as a kid and want Stuart and I to do with her when we're walking about town or anywhere like that!

10. Birthday parties!

Celebrating those birthday milestones with her, her friends and our family! She's quite lucky she's a summer baby because this means she can have outdoor parties and we could even take her on holiday from year to year for her birthday. It'll be exciting buying all her presents, setting out the buffet (as you normally do at birthday parties right) and treating her like the little princess she is on her birthday. 

The things in this list are more event type things, but these are definitely some things that go through my head in scenarios that I'm looking forward to a whole heap. Can you relate to any of these things at all? Leave in the comments some things you're looking forward to about becoming a mother/father!

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How I Met My Fiance

Friday, 12 February 2016

In timing with Valentine's day coming this weekend, I decided to share a post along the whole notion of lovey dovey-ness and talk about how my fiance, Stuart and I met and I will also talk about our first proper date together. I myself enjoy reading about things like these so I figured I'd do my own! Hope you guys enjoy!


Stuart and I met online in June 2015. I had been out of my previous relationship a few months and was living in homeless accommodation and didn't really have much of a social life going for me. One of my friends suggested I go on a few chatting/dating apps to find people to speak to, just to even find some friends. That was what I went on these apps with the intention of. I downloaded Tinder and Badoo. I deleted Tinder almost instantly as I didn't like how the UI worked at all. I then decided to sit on Badoo for a bit. Within a few minutes, I had a selection of likes from some local guys. None of them were really appealing to me until one and that one was Stuart. 

I thought he was super, duper really super cute in his profile photo (see right!) and seemed to have a few things in common, so I matched with him and almost straight away he messaged me and started talking to me. I felt connected and comfortable speaking to him straight away and he ended up being the only person on this app that I spoke to. He had moved to Inverness a month prior and had downloaded the app to try and make some new friends in a new city and had said I was the nicest person he had spoken to on it! We shared our love for music, talked about our time in college (both of us studied music in different colleges, but I was supposed to go to the same one as him at somepoint!) and I decided to get straight in with my love for Final Fantasy. He kept talking about all the geeky things he was into and seemed to be a bit embarrassed about it but I told him to stop being silly! After hours of talking, he asked me for my number as he felt impersonal speaking to me on this app and would rather text me. I liked him and enjoyed speaking to him a lot so I happily complied. I just felt like the connection and feeling of being comfortable was there instantly.

The more we spoke, the more we learnt about each other and the more we seemed to like each other. I had vaguely mentioned that I was living in homeless accommodation and he had said to me he would like to take me out of there for a night if I wanted to. As he had only lived in Inverness for a month, he wasn't sure what there was around to do for dates. I suggested food or bowling and he decided to go for both, his treat (which I felt awful about!). We started speaking on the Wednesday and arranged for this date to happen on the upcoming Sunday because I was off work that day. 

While I was living in the homeless accommodation, I had barely used my phone due to a lack of signal, but now I was constantly trying to make sure I had signal so I could speak to him. I would spend over an hour in the bath texting him with my arms hanging out the side because the bathroom was one of the only places I got decent signal in. Yes the water went freezing cold and I was all wrinkly, but it was worth it!

The next day, I was at work and it was pouring down with rain and as usual, I finished my shift at 11pm and had a 45 minute walk home. He asked if it was okay to come and give me a lift home so I didn't have to walk in the rain. This was generally an excuse to meet me as he liked me so much and wanted to meet me really badly (I found this out later of course!). By some sort of bad luck, it stopped raining but he asked if it was still okay even though it wasn't raining. I said of course as I really liked him and wanted to meet him in person and I wanted to see if that connection was there physically as well. He had gotten ready hours before and sat about waiting for 11pm to come. He had told his mum he was meeting me and she was like "WATCH YOUR TIME, DON'T BE LATE!!". 

Finally came to the end of my shift and I got changed back into the clothes I was wearing before work and I had lipstick with me and a brush, so I tidied my hair and used my lipstick as a blusher and to add some colour to my lips. If I had known before I would have come more prepared because I wanted to make a good impression!

I was so nervous about meeting him and was panicking to my boss, I had never been so anxious about meeting someone and wanting to make a good impression on them! I was standing at the door going to my boss "I can't do it I'm so scared help me", to which he just opened the door and pushed me out saying "go get him woman!". I walked out the door of work and he greeted me halfway and gave me a big old hug. We went into his car and he drove me home. We ended up sitting in the car for about 3 hours just talking and talking. Normally when I meet someone in person, I'm shy, awkward and don't speak much. But I felt like I could speak so freely with Stuart. After about an hour, I said to him to come in for a hug and we had a cuddle for a little while and as I pulled away, we kind of gave each other "the look" and he went in for a kiss. I got all shy and giggly and kept covering my face and giggling everytime he gave me a kiss. I felt silly but I was like he's really cute and he's kissing me!!!! 

At about 2am, he asked if I wanted to see his house, since they were doing renovations and such on it and I agreed. We went and he showed me the downstairs work (his mum was upstairs sleeping so we didn't want to disturb her!) and we sat through in the living room and watched some random crap on the TV. His mum's dogs were sitting with us and I was sitting petting Tess, the one that decided to sit behind me and I could see in the corner of my eye that Stuart was just looking at me and smiling. Next thing I knew, his hand gently grabbed me by the chin and I was being kissed again. Still being shy, I was giggling again. But the more it happened, the less shy I was getting, the giggling reduced (only a bit!) and we just enjoyed sitting enjoying each other's company. It came to about 5am and both of us were getting tired so he took me home and I went to sleep feeling so incredibly happy. Not before I had recieved an adorable goodnight text saying he hoped he lived up to expectations.

That was the start of it.

The next day, I was going to my mum's to babysit my brothers while she went out. So I pottered about town and did some shopping for myself and then headed to go and get lunch. As I walked out of New Look, out of everybody I could have bumped into? I bumped into Stuart! He went straight in for a hug and a kiss on the cheek, after I kissed his cheek back he was straight in for a proper kiss! My nerves came back and I didn't know what do! We chatted away for a wee bit before I had to head off to get to my mum's. 

I forgot to mention to him that the New Look in Inverness doesn't stock men's clothes so he ended up wandering about completely lost and realised he made a mistake. I was promptly told off for that by him! We had genuinely spent every single day speaking to each other constantly, finding out new things and just, really, really liking each other. I wanted Sunday to hurry up and get there so we could have this date day together!

The First Date!

 I kind of wish I decided for us to meet up earlier but 12pm seemed like a decently sensible time to meet? He came to the place I was staying and waited outside for me (since it's security doors and all that) and I told him to come in for a little bit before we went for food. We sat on my bed and chatted away a little and had a few kisses and cuddles before my belly started rumbling and told us it was time to go. 

Not knowing many places to eat here, I suggested The Filling Station for our lunch as it's a place my mum and I would go almost every week. Both of us decided on the pulled pork burger and as he was driving he just got himself a small cider and he said I could have any drink I wanted so I tried a pina colada hardshake (It was sooooooo nice!!!). Finished off with myself getting cheesecake and himself getting a chocolate brownie. Because the cheesecake is my favourite I told him to try some and let him know that I must like him if I'm giving him my last bit of cheesecake (and to this date I don't let him forget that!). The whole time I was covering my mouth when I was eating, worried I was going to look stupid (I hate eating in front of people!) but I ended up with most of it going on me. I am a messy eater okay. We just enjoyed each other's company so much and had a great time. 
Then it was bowling! I got completely thrashed at it, but everytime I scored well, I got a kiss and everytime he did better than me, I got a kiss. So there was nothing to complain about really. We spent a bit of time in the arcade (which created the infamous Jasmine Holding The Gun The Wrong Way incident) and then decided it was time to head off. Since going to his would mean meeting his mum, not really something you do on a first date, we went back to mine.

After stopping off at Tesco and getting a film, food and juice, we ended up not using any of that stuff and just ended up talking, cuddling and kissing lots and lots! Things of course got a little bit heated but we both said we would refrain as it was the first date and we didn't want to mess anything up. Though, looking back, it probably wouldn't have had any effect so we should have just gone for it! But neither of us wanted to make the other think that that was what we were after. During the night, we lost track of time and the place I stayed in had a no guests past 10pm which was very much broken as he was there until midnight. We didn't know until the security guard knocked on the door telling me he had to go. 

Another night of texting until we fell asleep and a talk that confirmed for both of us that we wanted to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but decided to wait all but a week to make that official. It was the 14th of June that Stuart officially asked me to be his girlfriend which I said yes to without a question about it. 

On the 24th of December, I decided to ask Stuart to marry me and he said yes. So, as of then, he is my fiance. Both of us are so incredibly happy with each other and feel so lucky that we met, especially in the circumstances that we did. We felt like a lot of our life events bore some similarity and they eventually brought the two of us together to meet. I honestly fell for Stuart instantly and I know that it was mutual. Every single day, we tell each other we love each other and honestly, I fall more and more in love with him every day. He makes me feel so happy and feel so purposeful in my life and I'm so happy that we are starting our family together this year. I could sit and praise the boy and profess my love so much on here, but I don't wanna make you guys sick! hahah. I also would like to point out that though things may seem to have happened quickly for us, that was what simply happened and felt comfortable for both of us. We're happy and we feel like we waited all this time to meet each other so there's no need to wait to do things that are inevitable.

But I hope you have all enjoyed reading this post and that it has given you a slight insight into our relationship! Writing this post came incredibly naturally to me because I can easily talk about him for hours and hours on end (which I do, sorry workmates). 

Feel free to share your experiences on meeting your partner in the comments below and I hope you all have a fantastic Valentine's Day no matter if you are in a relationship or single!

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