10 Things I'm Looking Forward to About Motherhood - Part II

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

With just under 17 weeks to go until my little princess is here, I'm finding myself wanting her to get here sooner. I have so many plans in my head of things I want to do with her and just some little things that I can't wait to happen. I did a post last month about 10 things I was looking forward to about my impending motherhood with a focus on my baby as a newborn. This week's post focuses on the early years of childhood. 

1. Hearing "I Love You" for the first time

This is something I'm sure most parents/parents to be are looking forward to is hearing their child tell them they love them for the first time. I can't even describe how it would make me feel to hear that and I will probably get extremely overwhelmed when she does say it. 

2. Having mummy & daughter beauty days

Although I had no preference for what gender my baby was going to be, knowing I'm going to have a daughter opens up beauty days! Days when we can both get all dressed up, I can do her hair, nails and a little bit of make up (probably just lipstick and blusher in all honesty).

3. Taking her to see the world

Stuart and I want to be able to take our child to various places throughout the country so she can see different areas. Take her to different restaurants and stores in cities that we don't have in Inverness. This could simply be days out or entire weekends away as a family. As she gets older, we hope to go on a family holiday together and we would rather go when she's at an age that she will remember what the holiday was like. 

4. Baking together

I mentioned in my last post in this series that I wanted to do baking weekly (on a Sunday) and I would absolutely love for Rinoa to help me where she can. I remember when I was little I loved being in charge of the mixing and getting to lick the spoon after. She can help with icing and decorating as well! This is something I don't want her to miss out on at all so I hope to do this regularly with her when she's a little older.

5. The first milestones

First step, first tooth, first word, first time holding something, everything. I can't wait to witness these and see how she's developing. I will be purchasing a baby memento book for me to keep track of all of these things that she does. This is for us to look back on and for her to look back on when she's older. 

6. Having family film nights

We have talked about this quite extensively about how we would love to have one night at the weekend (most likely a Friday) when we get a takeaway and sit and watch family films together. Means Rinoa gets to have a night a week that she doesn't have to go to bed early and means she gets something as a treat from the takeaway! There's also the high chance of her cuddling into us and falling asleep as we watch the films anyway and it'll leave us to carry her through to bed. Which is an image in my head I adore.

7. Taking Arts & Crafts work home from school

I was thinking about this on Valentine's day and how usually at school, when it comes to holiday times, you will often be made to make a card or something similar to take home. I can't wait to see what adorable drawings and cards she comes home with for us and we will be keeping a hold of every single thing that she makes and keeping it in a box. Things will be displayed somewhere in the house until she returns with something new next time!

8. Lazy days at home while Daddy's at work

There's a good chance myself and the little princess will wake up around the time that Stuart does for work (possibly earlier to be nice enough to make him breakfast....we'll see!) and then the rest of the day will be spent with her playing with her toys while I do some cleaning, possibly watching some daytime TV (Jezza!) or playing games a bit. Then I would let her watch her kids TV shows while I start getting dinner ready for Stuart coming home. Then there will be Stuart walking in the door and Rinoa getting all excited shouting "Daddy's home! Daddy's home!" (or something to that effect) which ends up in a nice big family cuddle and a sit down at the dinner table. 

9. Swinging while walking

Remember when you were a kid and you were holding two older people's hands and as you were walking they would start swinging your arms and then swing you forward after a little countdown? That was something I loved as a kid and want Stuart and I to do with her when we're walking about town or anywhere like that!

10. Birthday parties!

Celebrating those birthday milestones with her, her friends and our family! She's quite lucky she's a summer baby because this means she can have outdoor parties and we could even take her on holiday from year to year for her birthday. It'll be exciting buying all her presents, setting out the buffet (as you normally do at birthday parties right) and treating her like the little princess she is on her birthday. 

The things in this list are more event type things, but these are definitely some things that go through my head in scenarios that I'm looking forward to a whole heap. Can you relate to any of these things at all? Leave in the comments some things you're looking forward to about becoming a mother/father!

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