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Friday, 26 February 2016

After starting this new blog about 2 months ago with the intention of being a beauty blogger here I am finally with an actual beauty review! This is my first proper one to be done (I'm not including my Samples of Beauty feature!) and I'm excited to try and do these as regularly as I can! I am aiming for one a week for the next month, wish me luck!

Today's product comes in the form of a lip tint from A'pieu that I featured in my first haul from the brand. They created a range of red lip tints in a variation of shades. I went for the Apple tint as the colour looked the most radiant out of the set. One thing that sets this apart from most of the Korean lip tints I have purchased in the past is that this one also comes with a lip gloss to apply over the tint. So you really have the option of three different uses (tint, gloss & tint+gloss) depending on how you're feeling with your look!

Top | Left to right: 1 Coat, 2 Coats, 3 Coats (stain only)
Bottom | 1 Coat (gloss only)

A tint is supposed to do just that, add a slight stain to your lips. Because of this, a lot of them aren't very pigmented but can be built up upon. As you can see from the above image that this is exactly what this does. I find that on the lips (as I have naturally quite pigmented lips) that 3 is enough for me to be able to get a decent enough pop of colour on my lips. However, one coat looks lovely if you're just going for a natural look and you want your lips to look slightly blushed. One thing I really liked about the gloss is that it's not sticky! It's a gloss with a very smooth texture. It is however slightly more pink in colour.

When the product is upright (aka the text reads top to bottom properly), the tint is at the bottom and the gloss is at the top. The sections simply screw off from the middle section. 

Each side of the product has the same sponge/brush applicator, one that is standard of most lip products. I find these brushes pick up enough of the product to be applied with ease and without having excess. 

The back shows the product name (Korean), some extra information such as the distributor (both in English and Korean) and the brand's website. The black text at the bottom is the manufacture date (so this one was manufactured on the 14th of August 2015) and what I assume is the item code for the product. 


I apoligise for my skin in these photos. So this is how the stain looks on it's own after 3 coats. For me this is enough for me for day to day. 


One layer of gloss and the colour stands out so much more. I feel like the main aspect of this product is actually the gloss. With the stain underneath it gives the impression of the colour lasting longer on the lips. 

I love how this product looks, it's a nice subtle red that can be worn every day and it's a colour I feel compliments my complexion. 
- Gorgeous subtle red
- Applies smoothly and cleanly 
- Very affordable (£2.79!!!)
- Addition of lipgloss adds extra moisture and colour
- Non-drying
- Clean, simple packaging
- Lasts for several hours (even after drinking)
-  Very buildable
- Could be slightly more pigmented
. /

This is one of the first products I have tried from A'pieu and safe to say, I'm very impressed with the quality for the price. I would love for these to come in coral shades as well (I love coral make up!!!) but I'm happy with red for now! I would give this a recommendation if you're looking to try out Korean lip stains as this is one of the ones that has definitely had the smoothest application out of the lot I have tried (others tend to bleed and be streaky). Have you tried the stains yourself? Would you like to now upon reading this? Would you like me to review more Korean lip stains so you can compare?

Hope you all have an amazing weekend and I shall have one or two new posts up this weekend as well! 

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