Etude House Berry Delicious Haul ♡ 에뛰드 하우스 베리 딜리셔스 하울

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

I finally got my hands on some of the products from Etude House's new Berry Delicious range! Based on a range of different pinks and reds, this is a perfect range for the spring and summer time. So, to just get an idea of some of the products, I decided to pick one lip product, one nail product and one blusher and to build from there!

I actually found it very difficult to narrow it down to which colours I would prefer, so I just kind of went with it on a whim which ones I would take. Think that's just an excuse for me to get more from the range.

Berry Delicious Colour In Liquid Lips Juicy - Berry Cherry To Go | PK014 ♡ 베리 딜리셔스 컬러 인 리퀴드 립스 - 베리 체리 투 고 | PK014

I usually go for coral colours on my lips and I realized that I have quite a large handful of red but pink is a colour I am lacking in my lip colours. This was what made me go for this particular colour despite there being a coral pink colour in this range. A pink that is not too deep but not too vibrant, I'm excited to give this one a go! I own another product from another limited edition version of the Colour In Liquid Lips range and I loved it so I'm hoping to have similar success with this! 

Berry Delicious Cream Blusher - #1 Fresh Strawberry ♡ 베리 딜리셔스 생크림 블러셔 - 1호 잘익은 생딸기

I adore Etude House's blushers, they're so pigmented and apply so beautifully (and they got picked in a "blind" test of blushers!) so I'm quite excited to try out a cream version of their blushers. I have never owned a red toned blusher before, it's either soft pinks or bright corals so this is going to be something completely different for me to try. 

Berry Delicious Strawberry Souffle Nail - #1 Fresh Strawberry ♡ 베리 딜리셔스 딸기 수플레 네일 - 1호 달콤연유 딸기라떼

Whenever they bring out a new limited edition range I am usually right there looking at the nail varnishes, slowly trying to build up my collection and these are generally the cheapest available out of all the items, so I can afford to buy more than one if I want to! Not enough pinks in my nail collection so this is one to add to it! There are glitter varnishes in this range as well that I want to try out at some point but this is a good starting point for me for this range. 

Which product would you like me to review first? Have you tried any of this range or any of Etude House's products?

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