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Thursday, 10 March 2016

For the past few years, Korean lip stains have been one of the staples in my make up routine. They're super handy to have a long lasting colour on your lips if you're at work all day! This particular tint from Tony Moly is probably one of the most popular ones about. Coming in a range of the standard trio (cherry) pink, red and orange, it's a good place to start if you're looking to try lip stains. They're also not going to break the bank so you could get all three in the range to find out which kind of tint you like the best!

Quick coverage of the packaging! It comes in a hard plastic tube with a standard wand (the wand would not photograph to save it's life!). Hearts are featured on both the front and the back. The writing is simply the standard manufacturers details.

The heart theme continues on in the wand handle as it's in the shape of a heart! 

From top to bottom
3 Coats
2 Coats
1 Coat

As you can see from the bottom swatch, the tint is very pigmented and gives off a lot of colour! Because of that, it's quite difficult to build it up properly or to see a massive difference in coats. This is great if you're wanting a strong colour on your lips, however, I suggest just applying a few dabs of product on the lips and blending it out with your figures for a more subtle tint! 

I ran my arm under the warm tap and gave the swatch a wipe and dried it off. It took a lot of the pigmentation out, however, it does still leave a good amount of colour. From previous wear, I know that this product remains on my lips for several hours. However, it is quite drying and once my lips start to dry out, the pigment seems to attach itself to dry areas at the opening of my mouth, which kind of makes you look like you've bit your lips a little too much and that they're bleeding a little. So, keep lip balm on hand to stop that from happening! This is a bit of an annoyance because the product claims to contain ingredients to prevent drying out of the lips!

Before applying I always always moisturize my lips with either lip balm or coconut oil. It's also handy before putting on any lip stain to scrub away any dry parts (either with an old toothbrush or an actual lip scrub!). This makes the application slightly smoother and doesn't leave the colour looking patchy. I usually opt for two coats of the tint, but if I'm in a rush I won't complain about just the one. 

The scent of this tint is worth noting as well, because it smells like candy! It's lovely!

Although I adore the colour of the Delight Tint, it isn't without problems. I find it doesn't apply very evenly and I'll often have darker spots in some areas compared to others. It also doesn't apply the cleansest, even if you use your lips to spread the product out (by pursing them), I find it doesn't quite even it out the best. As you can see from the images, my cupid's bow at the right is missed out slightly, so because of this you need to take extra care to apply it completely to all of your lips with either the wand or your finger. Which is slightly annoying if you're wanting to apply it quickly! 

- Lovely colour
- Affordable
- Multi functional (cheek stain as well!)
- Long Lasting
- Gorgeous, candy scent
- Simple packaging
- Drying
- Doesn't always apply evenly



Not the best, not the worst. I had been impressed with it when I first recieved a sample of it years ago but now after more regular uses, I am able to find a couple of flaws. Then again, it's not a bad product at all and I would still recommend it. I'm still on a mission to find the holy grail lip tint from Korea and I've yet to find it!

Have you tried any of Tony Moly's products? This lip stain in particular? Any recommendations for lip stains?

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