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Friday, 15 April 2016

I suffer horrendously from blackheads, particularly on my nose, but quite frankly, in most parts of my body. For such a long time I have been trying to find a solution to getting rid of these blackheads on my nose with very little success so far. In an attempt to find a product to get rid of them (until it needs done again!) I purchased the Egg White Nose Patch from A'pieu. Today we are going to see how it fared!

The packaging is pretty simple and standard of nose strips. There is a serration at the top and bottom at each side for you to pull down and get the product out. The yellow and white colours fit with the name of the product. On the back you will find instructions on how to use it, these are unfortunately all in Korean but the images should provide enough information for you. A'pieu has yet to include English translations of things on the back of the products from my own experience.

The basic gist seems to be:

1. Wet Nose
2. Apply patch (sticky side on the skin), leave for 10-15 minutes
3. Use a black head extractor (I guess this is optional for optimal results)

Coming out of the packaging it's just a standard white nose strip. The sticky side that is applied to the skin is protected by a sheet of thin plastic.

There is a very, very faint smell to this but I wouldn't say it's necessarily an "egg" smell (I doubt that would be pleasant!). It's just a delicate, clean smell. I found this very easy to apply, there are small tears near the top to make it easier to go over your nose and it sticks to the skin well with just a very small amount of water.

This product contains egg white extract and coral and claims to reduce pore size and remove blackheads. Has it matched up to that?

In my own experience, it definitely has. As you can see from the image below, a lot of my blackheads had been removed. This is actually the most any sort of nose patch has managed to get out of my nose so I am incredibly impressed! I left it on for the full recommended 15 minutes and this was the result that came from it! I found the skin on my nose felt a lot smoother than it had done previously and the pores appeared slightly reduced in size.

- Super cheap! (10 for £3.78)
- Removes blackheads
-Smoothes skin
- Fits and applies well

Honestly? I couldn't find a single fault in this product and it has been the very best of products of this type that I have tried! So this definitely gets a recommendation from me if you are looking to remove the blackheads on your nose effectively!

Have you tried this nose patch before? What are your blackhead removal recommendations?

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