First Impressions: L’Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Re-Balancing Shampoo + Conditioner

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

I have hair that gets oily very easily and I often find myself having to wash my hair everyday. While, at the same time having very dry ends. I have bleach damaged hair so that's an obvious issue I am going to have to deal with but even with my hair in it's natural state, this was something I had to deal with. Hearing that Elvive had released a new range of haircare targeted at this specific hair type, I had to try it out for myself! 

The Extraordinary Clay range comes in a gorgeous light aqua blue packaging which is right up my alley as it's my favourite colour. This range is silicone free and also contains three different types of refined clay. 

KAOLINITE (WHITE CLAY)This white clay is supremely light and smooth. Boasting extraordinary oil-absorbing properties. MONTMORILLONITE (BLUE CLAY)A version of the mineral containing a smooth, water-absorbing texture. ARGILANE (GREEN CLAY): This green clay is made up of soft, slippery, microscopic balls that hold remarkable cleansing and water-absorbing powers.(taken from L’Oréal's website)

What I also find interesting about this combination of clays, is the colours combined make up the colour that the packaging comes in. So I think that's a really lovely touch to the products! 

The range comprises of 2 different shampoos (a Re-Balancing one and an anti-dandruff one), a pre-shampoo masque, conditioner and a dry shampoo. I picked up the small bottles of the Re-Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner. 


So, using this for the first time I noticed that this range has a scent that reminds me of the beach, it's quite difficult to describe it but that's how I would put it! The consistency isn't too thick or too thin, it's a nice inbetween that doesn't feel like it's going to weigh my hair down much. 

I washed my hair as standard and I applied the conditioner and left it in for 3 minutes, the packaging doesn't specify leaving the product in your hair for any length of time so it's assumed you just apply and rinse out. However, due to my bleached ends I decided to keep it on to get the what I hoped would be the best effect. 

After letting my hair airdry, I found my hair wasn't feeling as dry as it normally would and was soft and fluffy (it's not gonna be silky smooth I am aware of that muyself), which I was quite happy with. Following straightening my hair, the ends of my hair felt the smoothest they had done in a long time. The damage was still there but it felt less noticable than it was previously. I also noticed quite a bit of volume added to my roots which isn't something I overly seek due to me having quite thick hair anyway. But it's a benefit of the product I won't complain about. Being a product aiming to absorb some of the oil produced, it wasn't drying in any means of the word. 

I found for 3 days my hair felt smooth and was easily managed. At the end of the 3rd day, my hair was at that awkward stage of "I might need washed tomorrow morning if you don't do it tonight". So I decided to be on the safe side and wash it (I had work at 8.30am I wasn't going to risk having to wash it before work!). 


Using just the shampoo and conditioner alone I found beneficial to my hair type. However, I thin to get the most out of the range you really need to use all products that they have. The dry shampoo might become an addition to my hair care range to maybe let myself get into that 4th day of not washing my hair without worry. One of the best things you can do for bleach damaged hair is refrain from washing it all the time to allow for the oils to replenish some moisture into your hair, so this is great for me to prevent me from washing my hair everyday and doing more damage.

Since using this product my hair gives an impression of looking a lot healthier than it is and also I'm needing to use the product less often than I would any other type of shampoo, so I feel that the small bottles will still last me a while. 
- Gorgeous "sea" scent
- Simple packaging in a lovely colour
- Reduces need to wash hair as regularly
- Softens dry ends (including bleach damaged)
- Affordable
- Light-medium consistency 
- Less washes = longer product use
- Having the full range of products is most beneficial but slightly more pricey

I will definitely be giving this product a repurchase and I feel will come in handy when I'm a busy mummy and can't find the time to wash my hair all the time!

Have you tried this range yet? What was your experience like? Or have you considered it? Let me know in the comments below!

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