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Friday, 8 April 2016

Finally working my way through a whole heap of products that I need to review! As you may have read before, earlier this year I made a few purchases from Korean brand A'pieu, This was a brand I had prior to this year not tried any products from. I have already done a review of The Red Tint from my haul so this comes as my second review from the brand! 

I was looking for a new blusher and since most of the ones I had previously were pink, I wanted something that was coral. I was also keen to give cushion blushers a try to see if they were any easier in terms of application in comparison to regular powdered blushers. So this was my first try of such an item! 

First things first, I absolutely love the simplistic tubed packaging. The contrast of the colour against the white just gives it a pretty, minimalist look. It also makes it fit in well with my display on my beauty table! Unlike most brands, A'pieu seems to keep the majority of information on the product in Korean. From scanning this is basically just instructions and a little bit about the product. There is a screw cap lid 

As expected, under the screw cap there is a soft cushion for the product to come out from. Now, my fiance was noseying about my make up looking for concealer for a red part on his face and ended up trying to use this, but from what I could see, you need to break the small seal by pushing the cushion down in order for the product to come out. You will initially see three small dots of colour come through, you just need to keep squeezing the tube until it covers a larger area of the cushion. 

Application is quite simple but I've done a quick step by step here!

1. Squeeze the tube until some product comes out 

2, In my own experience, add only a single dot to the apples of your cheeks

3. Use your fingers to blend out and upwards

4, Blend out towards the lower part of your ear to give a more natural blush

This product is super, super pigmented (seriously!) so you really only need a small dot on your cheek to get a good amount of colour payoff. I made the mistake of applying three dots my first time using this and I looked like I was incredibly embarrassed about something!

The product blends into the skin with a moderate amount of ease and doesn't streak all too much. There is a slight scent to it but nothing that is overbearing and you soon don't notice it. The colour itself is gorgeous! It's a much more pinky coral than I was expecting but I'm still happy with it! It gives a nice natural, cute looking finish that is definitely wearable daily! 

I've actually found this applies better than most of the other blushers I have used and it makes for my morning make up routine to be sped up a little bit with just how easily it is to apply! So this is a definite for your everyday work make up in my opinion!
- Gorgeous Colour
- Clean, simple packaging
- Easy to use
- Easy to apply
- Affordable
- Amazing colour payoff
- None!



Yay my first perfect score product! This is one of the cheapest blushers I own and is definitely one of the best I have used. I can't honestly find any real faults in it at all so this is a product that I definitely recommend to you guys!

Have you tried this blusher before or are you keen to? I'm quite wanting to give the Lavender colour a try for something different! Let me know in the comments below what you think!

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