Review - Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream Wonder Woman Edition | #21 ♡ 미샤 퍼펙트 커버 비비크림 원더우먼 에디션 - 21호

Friday, 29 April 2016

For Christmas last year, my partner got me some products from Missha's limited edition Wonder Woman range of products. A combination of exclusive products and products with limited edition packaging. One of the things I got was the Perfect Cover BB Cream in shade 21. This is actually a product that I have been using for the last 6 years and I want to give my views on it, since I never actually have done a proper review of it! It is one of Missha's best selling make up products!

First of all, the packaging is gorgeous. I love how bright and bold it is along with the general comic book feel to it! The range follows Wonder Woman's signature red, yellow and blue colour scheme but also remains inline with the range's original packaging.

As you can see, the original packaging is a burgundy red with a pale gold dispenser. They have amped it up a bit for the Wonder Woman range, featuring a striking red and a very yellow gold dispenser, much more fitting to WW! The caps slightly differ too, I don't currently have the lid for the original Perfect Cover but it comes in a very faintly tinted beige while this one has a lovely shade of red through the clear plastic!

The back of both sets of packaging features information and instructions for applying in Korean along with the standard contact details. The box also features the symbols of DC and Warner, to let people know it's licensed by them!

The lid of the box simply shows the product name, brand and Wonder Woman's logo!

So, the product is dispensed via  pump, which a lot of people will like as it's more hygienic for use. Usually with this product, you need to pump it a few times to get some product out of it. Once the product is happy enough to come out, one pump is all you need, if not less.

For swatch purpose, I have used one pump on my wrist to show you how much comes out (not to show you that it fits with my skin tone!). I took some of it off after as it was far too much for the small area I was using it on.

It's a standard light beigey colour, it actually has some slightly grey undertones to it as well as yellow ones. But these grey undertones generally go away as the BB cream oxidizes and works into your skin tone.  

Here it is blended into the skin (in the circle!). It applies to easily with minimal blending needed and leaves the skin feeling quite smooth.

Now for the face test! I suffer from redness, acne and my skin is fairly scarred from cystic acne in my teens. I never expect anything to cover these flaws up completely but I like something that will make a good attempt at it! As you can see, it covered up a lot of the redness in my face and made some of my less indented scars less visible. I only applied one layer to my skin as that is all that is generally needed, but for some of the more stubborn spots (you can see them!) I would additionally add some extra BB Cream or some concealer, depending on how bad I felt they were.

The scent is quite a "granny" scent, I really don't know how to explain that any better. But it's pleasant and not overpowering. The texture is realitively thick but not too thick, just kind of the standard for a BB Cream. It smoothes into the skin with ease because of this and gives a Medium cover. It can be full coverage with an extra application if needed, but you may not want to look too cakey! It may also translate to full coverage if you have better quality skin than me! It is definitely enough for every day though!

Generally, BB Creams only come in a few colours and when I first purchased this years ago, they only really had #21 and #23, I went for 21 as it was the lightest and I have been perfectly happy with this one since. They do have a lighter shade (#13) which may be suitable for those that are very, very pale (my friend has had a great experience with it!) and they also have some darker shades (#27 and #31). For a Korean BB Cream, this is really impressive as they generally keep their BB Creams quite pale but this means that those with darker skin tones can still use the range.
- Easily applied
- Smooth, medium texture
- Relatively affordable (Wonder Woman is a bit more expensive, but you could just buy the original and it's a lot cheaper for you!)
- Biggest range of colours for a Korean BB Cream range
- Gorgeous, bold packaging (yay Wonder Woman!)
- Lovely soft scent
- Medium coverage
- Not "perfect" coverage as the name suggests

So this has been a staple for everyday since I started college. BB Creams hit it off a few years later over here in the UK so while I was the only person currently using them where I lived, I had to explain to people what BB Creams actually were! Which was a lot of fun! But this will likely be a product I do continue to use as it's just great for a quick make up application in the morning. It's not actually my favourite BB Cream from Missha or at all, but I still really like the product a lot and I couldn't help but love the Limited Edition packaging (I love limited edition packaging!!).

My Beauty Profile has more information on my skin tone and problems, so if you think your skin tone is relatively similar to mine, this shade would work for you!

Are there any other Korean BB Creams you would like me to review? Have you tried this BB Cream yourself, what was your experience with it?

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