Space Saving Nursery Ideas

Friday, 22 April 2016

Living in a top floor, two bedroomed flat with slanting roofs, I'm very limited with the space I have for not only my own belongings but for my baby's. It makes furniture arranging a great difficulty and you really need to make the most out of the space that you have! There are certain limitations with how you can arrange the furniture as taller pieces can only go to one side of the room! As you can imagine, it can be quite frustrating and you really need to try and fit in as many hacks as you can to make sure you can fit everything into your child's nursery and also have some space for them to play! So, today's post, in collaboration with Boori, is going to be all about maximising small spaces for your little ones nursery!

The main feature of the bedroom is no doubt going to be the furniture. The basics for a nursery are generally a cot, wardrobe and chest of drawers, this gives you enough storage space for all their cute little outfits. Boori's Urbane Collection features furniture that is slightly more compact, saving you some extra needed space, perfect for those with smaller rooms.

My personal favourite from the range is the Alice Collection due to my love of pure white furniture. The curves on the furniture also add a softness to the set, ideal for my little girl's room! 

However! I also love the Omni Transformer Collection, a range that features a cot that transforms into a full single bed for when they become a toddler and want to sleep in their own bed! The almond colour combined with the white is gorgeous and would suit any colour schemed nursery!

This is primarily handy as it prevents you from having to go out and purchase another bed so in the long run you will be saving money as well as space. There are actually two style options for the single bed as well! The chest of drawers has a raised barrier around the top so you could easily add a changing mat to the top of this and make it double as a changing table. Being able to change your baby's nappy at a higher level may make it easier for you!

Baby clothes are small, so if you feel like it's necessary you can always install an extra rail into the wardrobe to fit some more hanged clothes in. Boori's range comes with two sets of rails inside anyway which is fantastic and saves you putting in some extra work! A shoe rack seems mildly redundant for baby's as their shoes are so tiny. An idea is to get some decorative storage baskets or boxes to place at the bottom of the wardrobe to keep their shoes all in one place. You could organise it by the type of shoes they are or just keep them all in the one box. An alternative use of storage boxes would be to keep any toys that they don't use regularly or may not be old enough to use at the time. The storage could even be used to keep a stock of extra blankets in their bedroom. This makes sure you fully make use out of the storage space you are given and prevents clutter in the room!

If you have a large chest of drawers, it might be advantageous to make your own drawer dividers to make the most of the space. This means you can organise your baby's clothes neatly and by category and find them easily rather than having to scan for a while and risk messing it up! 

Still stuck for clothing space? Under cot storage is an option you have. Ideal for keeping your baby's sleepsuits, bibs and socks. You can maximise this space further, by putting in dividers to keep each section of items organised.

Children gather up a lot of toys, most of them will get played with for a while as they usually pick their favourites. Floating shelves are great for keeping things organised and tidy while utilizing the wall space. These can also be used to keep trinkets and books that they may like. Toy hangers are also an excellent idea as it makes use of something space you may not have thought of using before! 

There are also a few things that you may be able to keep in other rooms to save the space in their bedroom. Investing in a nursing chair? Perhaps keep that in the living room out of the way if it's possible for you! You could also keep a chest of toys in the living room, hallway or cupboard if need be. It all depends on the size of your actual home as well! 

That was just a selection of tips that I, myself, would and will be using for my child's nursery. Are there any other space saving hacks you have that you would use yourself? Let me know in the comments below! 

This post has been sponsored by Boori

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