I was originally supposed to feature this product as a "Mask Monday" this week but I got busy and didn't get round to doing it until now! So I shall hopefully be starting that series up next week! Today's product is a 2 in 1 hair care product from Etude House in the form of a mask and a serum. The Silk Scarf range is quite a popular care range with shampoo, conditioner and other more intensive treatments, one of which this post is about: The Silk Scarf Damage2x in Camellia Seed
One of my new year goals was to look after my skin better and so far this year, I haven't been very successful with it! However, last month I made a few purchases of a new skincare routine that I will be testing out and I wanted to share with you which products I decided to buy! There's two brands in this little mini haul Etude House, my absolute favourite Korean beauty brand and It's Skin, a brand quite popular for it's skincare products. I usually use a mix of Korean skincare products along with Western but for the time being I intend on using solely Korean products to see the effect.