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Thursday, 26 May 2016

I was originally supposed to feature this product as a "Mask Monday" this week but I got busy and didn't get round to doing it until now! So I shall hopefully be starting that series up next week! Today's product is a 2 in 1 hair care product from Etude House in the form of a mask and a serum. The Silk Scarf range is quite a popular care range with shampoo, conditioner and other more intensive treatments, one of which this post is about: The Silk Scarf Damage2x in Camellia Seed

I had purchased these last summer as a little boost to my hair care routine, at the time of buying my hair was just in it's natural state and I didn't feel I needed anything too moisturizing so I went for this one in particular as it was the 1st level of the product. There are 3 other levels, these are obviously dependent on how damaged your hair is and how intensive a treatment it needs. Since I was deciding to pamper myself recently I thought I might as well get the last one used and out of the way. I had had great results with it when I originally used it but since then my hair has been bleached several times (about 6!) so my hair is preeeeeeeeeetty damaged just now so I wasn't sure what to expect out of doing this this time around. 

The back of the packaging features the most amount of detail in Korean, I can barely read Korean these days but from what I can gather it talks about the benefits of each level, information on each step and instructions. Now, it says to put the hair mask in for 1-2 minutes, I however, decided to keep it in for half an hour, I want the most out of what I'm using!

So the packaging splits into two sections for each step. Obviously, I used the hair pack first, applying it from my roots to my tips (focusing more on the tips) and then giving my head a short massage. After 30 minutes I washed it out. There is a strong floral scent to this product but it is one that is quite enjoyable. The product applies to the hair easily and doesn't drip off or feel excessively heavy. Washing it out my hair felt the smoothest it had done in a long time and smelt absolutely amazing!

I followed up with the serum, now this actually has a lot of product in it so I don't recommend using it in the one go, you can split it up for use over a few days and after a few washes. I used this after I got out of the bath and then allowed my hair to dry. The ends of my hair didn't feel as brittle as they normally do and my hair was a lot more manageable in that it wasn't tangled or tuggy when I was brushing it. I also applied a small amount before I went to bed just to get a little boost out of it and I found the next day curling my hair was so easy as my hair was so much smoother. However, it wasn't perfect, which I wasn't expecting. 
- Floral Scent
- Cute, simple packaging
- Two steps for extra care, simple to use
- Lots of product - suitable for long hair
- Leaves hair feeling softer, even bleach damaged
- Inexpensive (£2.51 for 3 | eBay)
- Due to my hair type, not as much moisture as I need 

I feel like if I was to use a product from the range again I would use the Avocado one instead as that is the highest level. It would be much more beneficial for my hair to use it particularly in the current state of it! However, I am still happy with how well this product worked for me and I wish I had a few more to use! But I'll definitely be trying the others.

So I give this 3.5/5, it works well but it's not particularly the most ideal product for my bleach damaged hair but I know there's a "stronger" version of it for me to try. 

Have you tried any of the Silk Scarf range or even the Damage2x masks? Which has been your favourite?

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