Happy Father's Day ♡

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Growing up, Father's Day was just a day that I scoffed at and I never really bothered knowing when it was happening each year. Now that Stuart and I have our beautiful daughter here with us, it's now a day I want to help make it a special day for the two of them. Being his first Father's Day, I wish I could have done a lot more for him and made a bigger effort, but the very recent arrival of this wee darling made that a little difficult. So, I'm hoping a few words to him makes up for that slightly. 

I've known since I met Stuart and since the topic of children came up in our relationship that he was going to be an amazing dad. Telling him I was pregnant showcased that to me even more when he cried with joy as I told him the news. He spent the 9 months I was carrying our child looking out for both of us. He made sure I looked after myself in order to also look after our daughter. If I wasn't eating, he would remind me that I needed to eat for her. If I wasn't taking it easy, he would make sure that I did in order to not overexert myself and run myself down. He spent time every single day speaking to my bump, telling her stories and letting him bond with her despite her still floating about in my tummy. He expressed so much excitement and happiness for the arrival of our little one. He constantly showed me how much he loved the two of us.

Since she has been in our lives, I have done nothing but see Stuart show her so much love and be an absolutely amazing daddy towards her. The way he speaks to her, tells her stories, gives her cuddles and kisses. One of the best things about being a mummy for me is definitely seeing him being such a fantastic daddy. I know that's only going to continue as she continues to grow and the daddy-daughter bond that they have will strengthen. She's definitely going to be a daddy's girl and I know Stuart wants to do everything he can to make her feel like a princess.

Stuart ♡ You are an amazing partner and an amazing father, I hope despite the lack of anything major happening that you have a great father's day and I hope next year I am able to make it better. I can't wait to see the two of you interacting as she is able to respond to the things we do. I can't wait for the day you are able to hear her saying "I love you daddy" because I know you're just going to cry with so much happiness. Rinoa and I love you so, so much. Don't ever doubt how well you are doing because I assure you you are doing a damn good job.

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