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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

 Summer is officially here! While the weather here in Scotland may not do much to show for it, it's time to get in with some of the summer limited edition make up! Etude House's Play Color Eyes range usually features seasonal eye palettes that are released throughout the year, for the summer they have released the Ice Van palette. With a gorgeous mint green case, this was immediately on my wishlist, but it didn't stay on that list very long as I bought it as soon as I could!

Featuring a combination of matte, shimmer and glitter shadow finishes, there is a wide range of different looks that can be created from this palette. There are five previously released colours from Etude Houses Look At My Eyes shadow collection along with five new exclusive colours. With primarily brown and pink shades, you will be able to create both smokey and softer looks.

Before I continue, I shall apologise for how badly some of these will be translated, my Korean has gone super bad so some I have taken the translation from the Etude House website. Feel free to correct me if any of it's wrong!

Left to Right - ☆ denotes new colour
Acoustic Guitar Goddess | Fresh Grapefruit Tea | Sh! It's a Secret | Come With the Wind ☆ | Strawberry Jubilee ☆ | Rose Tea | Vanilla BonBon ☆ | Shooting Mint ☆ | Mom is an Earthling ☆ | Marathon Finish

Acoustic Guitar Goddess is a gorgeous shimmery bronze,
Fresh Grapefruit Tea is a matte peachy-beige coral.
Sh! It's a Secret is a shimmery deep brown.
Come With The Wind is a glitter shadow with flecks of white, pink and lilac. 
Strawberry Jubilee is a matte-shimmer reddish-pink
Rose Tea is a matte baby pink.
Vanilla BonBon is a matte light yellowish beige,
Shooting Mint is a glitter shadow with flecks of light green, blue and white.
Mom is an Earthling is a matte warm brown.
Marathon Finish is a shimmery copper.

I've only recently started using eyeshadows and trying out new looks with them, so I feel this selection of shades is perfect for me to get a bit more of a try out! They're definitely wearable for everyday and the combination of the different finishes and shades definitely leaves you open to variation for your make up mood! I found the texture of the shadows to be very smooth and soft and they applied to the skin easily. 

There is a decent amount of colour payoff but I do feel that these shadows may benefit slightly from some eye primer just to let the colours pop a little bit more. Though I don't feel it's entirely necessary.

My favourite shades are definitely Fresh Grapefruit Tea, Come with the Wind, Strawberry Jubilee, Shooting Mint and Marathon Finish! With the glitter shades I love how there is a number of different colours combined to create the glitter effect. I would have liked them to be a bit more pigmented, however, I feel these will look lovely on the inner eye or along the bottom lash line. 

I'm really excited to give this palette a proper try and create some different looks with the shades they have given! If you'd like me to share any, just let me know! I'm definitely investing a lot more into eyeshadow palettes as I feel my look is just a little more complete with eyeshadows added in and I have a thing about wearing glitter eyeshadow daily. That's totally fine right?
Have you got this or any of Etude House's other palettes? If so, what do you think and what are your favourite colours? 
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