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Monday, 11 July 2016

Hi everyone, this post is a little (well, very) delayed as I have been preoccupied with the little one which has made blogging a challenge to do! She doesn't want mama to blog it seems! I wanted to start this last week but by the time I could sit down and type it out it was Tuesday...But here I am with a new mini series on the blog, Mask Monday! I was inspired by Lona to go ahead and do this and it will motivate me to use masks more regularly! It will be a wide variety of sheet masks, clay/other masks and hair masks!

Skin18 kindly sent me a selection of masks to try out and give my honest review on and I'm going to share one a week with you for the next 5 weeks. Today's one is from LomiLomi and their 7 Skin Scheduler Mask in Cucumber. It comes from a box set of sheet masks to be used for 7 days is quite a popular concept going about. It means every day your skin gets a chance to be pampered and reap the benefits of sheet masks. This cucumber mask is intended for Thursday (or the 4th day you follow this routine) and is supposed to help firm your skin. 

Cucumber is a great ingredient for your skin as it nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Being such a refreshing ingredient, a cucumber mask would be ideal for a hot summers day to let your face get a lovely cool down! For an extra boost, it could be a good idea to pop the sheet mask in the fridge for a little while to allow for your pores to contract down! 

I was keen to try this mask first as my skin is feeling a little dry, being a new mama means I don't get the best sleep in the world so my skin has suffered a little because of it. I was hoping this would just give my skin a little boost and look better!

Scent: As expected, this mask has a lovely scent of cucumber, it's quite strong but that's not an issue with me. It makes it pleasant to have on my face and lasts after you've removed the mask as well.

Size/Fit: This is by far the best fitting mask I have used! Even better than the Innisfree masks that were the first I came across that had fit me well. There are little flaps for your eyes as well on this mask but I folded them underneath the mask (you could always cut them off or put them over your eye lids with your eyes closed and lie down!).

Material: The mask is your standard thickness of sheet and there is a lot of essence in the mask, it was practically dripping when it came out! This gave me a lot extra to use before bed and in the morning after my skin routine.

Result: I put the sheet mask on for 30 minutes while I was in a hot bath, which allowed for my pores to open and the essence to seep into my pores more. The mask didn't slide down and stayed in place. Upon removal, there was lots of the essence on my face which I massaged in and left it to dry. This actually took a few hours which might be an issue for some people but for me it let me know that my skin was continuing to be moisturised. So it's definitely one I recommend to use at night or you'll have a wet looking face! If you have dry skin you may find the time this mask takes to absorb into your skin to be very beneficial. 

The benefit of being in the bath when I used this was after I took the mask off I used the actual sheet and swept it across my shoulders, arms and chest to let my body get a little bit of use out of it! I found my skin looked plump and dewy. It felt soft and definitely moisturised! I had a couple of small spots on my face and it seemed to take some of the burn off of them. Just a little sweep over my chest made my skin feel so much softer. 

Would I repurchase? Oh for sure! I might invest in the entire box set when I get the chance though so I can see how the other masks fare in comparison and also to see how my skin looks by the end of the week! 

Where to buy? You can purchase this mask at for £2.64

Have you tried any of the LomiLomi masks before? What sheet masks have you been giving a go this week?

This post features samples gifted to me and contains an affiliate link

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