Review - Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop

Thursday, 18 August 2016

I'm on a bit of a roll with my beauty posts lately which is quite unheard of from me. Today we have a skincare product in the form of Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop serum which was generously gifted to me by Wishtrend. I was first introduced to skin serums back in 2011 when I had received a few samples with some of the other beauty products I had bought. I however only started added it into my skincare routine last year to see how much of a difference they actually made. Adding that extra step made such a difference to my skin so now I'm trying to find which ones work best for different weather conditions so I can perfect my skincare routine.

This product claims to rejuvenate and energize your skin, while protecting your skin from UV damage and improving your tone and texture. One of the great things about this product is that it is suitable for all skin types and even sensitive skin is included in that. I have a few skin problems, particularly with the texture of my skin and the tone, so I was hoping this would benefit my skin a lot when I received it.

It honestly took a while for me to begin using this after I got sent this product as I was so busy with the wee one being born I kept forgetting to actually follow my skincare routine. So once I actually started following my routine every morning and night, I decided to add this in. I initially intended on having it replace my previous It's Skin serum but I decided instead to have it simply replace the product in the morning. Meaning my skin gets the benefits of two different serums throughout the day. 

Following cleansing and toning you are instructed to apply this serum. Now depending on your skin type, how you apply it differs. Normal, oily, combo and dry skin you are told to apply half a dropped of the serum to your face and massage it in to let the heat of your hands make the serum work into the skin better. For Sensitive skin, just apply 3-4 drops instead. Extra Sensitive skin it is advised to add a couple of drops along with your lotion/emulsion/moisturiser. It comes with the standard dropper for serums which you just squeeze the top while it's in the bottle and it fills up. 

Despite having combination skin, I only use 3-4 drops as I find this is a sufficient amount for myself. I massage this into my face and neck and would usually follow this up with a little tap massage as well. This is just a habit I got into with applying serums and I will continue to do so!

The texture of this serum is ever so slightly oily but isn't overly heavy. Despite this though, it absorbs into the skin fairly quickly ready for the rest of your routine to follow up. It has a gorgeous citrus scent to it which doesn't seem overpowering in the slightest. I find after applying this serum my skin feels a lot smoother and allows for my moisturiser to apply a lot better. From continuous use I have found my skin to have improved in it's tone, it's generally a lot brighter looking and is less red. It has generally just improved the appearance and feel of my skin and I'm very satisfied with this product. 

Klairs was a brand I had heard about and wanted to try and I'm extremely thankful to Wishtrend for giving me the opportunity to be able to try a new brand out. I'm definitely going to give their other products a go sometime in the near future as I can see using the whole range will benefit my skin massively. 

I highly recommend this product to you guys as it has genuinely made a difference to my skin just adding it in once a day, perhaps using it both in the morning and night would show even better results. I myself would repurchase this and I think after I have used both of my serums up I am going to buy it straight away. 

Now, for you to buy it? You can purchase it here from Wishtrend.

Have you tried any of Klairs' products or even this one yourself? Do you have any serums you would recommend to me? 

This post contains a product sent to me for review and affiliate links.

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Mask Monday #3 - Luke Mugwort Nose Cleansing Strip

Monday, 15 August 2016

It's Monday again, so it's time for me to share with you a mask of some kind that I have been using this past week. This week we have another one gifted to me by Skin18, but instead of being a sheet mask, we have a nose strip from Luke, a smaller beauty company. I have used a charcoal nose strip from Luke a few years ago and didn't have a great experience with it, so I'm hoping this time I have a bit more success with this brand. Nose strips aren't the easiest to come across in terms of ones that actually work, I've only ever found one that effectively removed the blackheads and it is one I am currently standing by. However, I'm happy to give others a try!

I tried to do a bit of research into mugwort as an ingredient, it is a common name for plants with the genus Artemisia. More specically, it seems the specific plant that is used as a skincare ingredient is the Artemisia princeps which is also known as Japanese mugwort and comes from the sunflower family. In Korean it is called Ssuk (쑥) and as with China and Japan, it is commonly used in traditional and modern medicines. It also features in some recipes such as Ssuk Soup (쑥국). Asides from being beneficial to the body through consuming it, it has also been found that it is a great ingredient in skincare, particularly when it comes to fighting acne. Now this isn't particularly helpful for me in terms of this being a nose pack as I don't get acne on my nose, however, I can definitely see it being a beneficial ingredient to have in skincare.

The nose strip itself is slightly green in colour as you may expect and it has a herbal scent to it. Upon applying it, I found this is one of the nose strips that I feel fits well on my nose. A lot of them there can sometimes be overhang on the end of my nose, however, it seemed to fit perfectly. To apply the strip you simply wet your nose and apply it evenly to your nose. I left the strip on for 20 minutes (recommendation is 10-20) and when I took it off I was slightly disappointed. While it took some of the blackheads out of the side of my nose, it didn't take any out of the centre (aka. the main part of my nose!). So I did get some results but not the best I've had. 

This one was a lot better than their charcoal one which you keep on for 30 minutes and when I took it off I literally had 0 blackheads come out! I was not impressed. However, it doesn't match up to the standards of the A'pieu one which will remain my go to. However, don't let my experience with this put you off! I still recommend giving it a go (as I did get some results from using it) if you're on the hunt for a nose strip that works for you!

Would I repurchase? Personally, no as I have found the best working one for me.

Where to buy? You can purchase this from for 50p. 

Although I didn't have the best experience with this product, being gifted it has left me researching this new found ingredient for myself and as I suffer from acne I am going to try some sheet masks and other skincare than contain Mugwort! Have you guys used anything with mugwort in it? What nose strips do you yourself recommend? 

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Welcome to GeekNess Gaming!

Thursday, 11 August 2016

This is just a quick post to let you guys know about a new YouTube channel that's just started up! GeekNess Gaming is the creation of my fiance Stuart and his friend Dazz. Two geeks from Inverness (hence: GeekNess) who have a major love of playing games. The channel is going to feature a selection of single player games and multiplayer/co-op games. 

Photo: stuartyalec@instagram

From time to time I am going to be featuring in these videos either in multiplayer games or even a little bit of solo playing! We may also have some of our other friends in our videos as well. Last Saturday, Dazz and our friend Robert came round and we filmed a video of the newly released game Overcooked. Give that a little watch below!

So if you could subscribe and follow them on Twitter that would be highly appreciated! More videos will be coming up in the next few weeks to come!

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Hey everyone! Today I am sharing with you guys the first in this exciting new series on the blog! K-Beauty Files is an interview series in which I ask beauty bloggers with a focus of Korean beauty on their blog about their favourite brands and products. Since a lot of my readers are starting to gain an interest in Korean brands through seeing the products I share, I thought it would be a great idea to support and share other bloggers in the same beauty niche as myself. Not only does it let my readers discover more products but also lets them find more bloggers that might share completely different Korean products than I do that may suit my readers more. 

First of all we have Nana from Ddalgi Nana Beauty (Ddalgi/딸기 is Korean for Strawberry!), a blog I only discovered very recently but I loved her style of photos and her shared love of Etude House! So I thought she would be perfect for this series. So do check her out and read her answers to my questions! There are a few links in this post to products she has written about so be sure to read those posts too!

Mask Monday #2 - Mirium Fresh Fruit Acai Berry Real Nature Mask Pack

Monday, 8 August 2016

Hey guys! It's Monday so it's time for another Mask Monday! Albeit, late again. I'm gradually working my way through my sheet masks I was gifted from Skin18 and I will be trying to get these ones done for you as soon as I can. I also have a few others I want to share with you but that will all come in time! 

Acai Berry is something that came about majorly into the health business a few years ago when people learnt the antioxidant benefits of the berry, it took a while after for the ingredients to appear in more major beauty brands. My local smoothie bar does a smoothie with Acai sorbet in it and it is amazing! This mask claims to hydrate your skin and help provide the skin with luster and softness. 

One thing I will say when I first took the mask out of the pack is that it is very thick compared to other ones I have tried in the past and I quite honestly do prefer a thinner one as I feel it's less likely to slide off my face while I am upright. Luckily for me I was relaxing in the bath when I used this one so it managed to stay on my face fine. Usually sheet masks have a lot of essence in the pack which usually leaves some leftover to use or a more negative point is that it can leave the mask sliding about and dripping down your neck. However, there was a perfect amount of essence in this sheet mask that left on a tiny amount in the packet which I applied before bed after my moisturizer.

The fit of this mask wasn't perfect for me but wasn't the worst. The eye, nose and mouth slits were in the correct positions to fit my face however, there was a lot of sheet mask left along my jawline so I had to fold quite a lot of it in and because of that I could kind of feel parts of it along my jaw fall away since they were overlapping each other. The scent is that of acai berries which can be expected, it's not a super sweet scent but it's quite a nice one nonetheless. 

As instructed, I washed my face, applied toner and popped the mask on for 15-20 minutes (I went the full 20) and I just lay back in the bath and relaxed with my eyes closed. Upon removal, I found the essence remained on my face for quite a while and was fairly sticky. So I had to wait a while before I finished my skin care routine to allow for it to absorb into my skin fully. When it had there was a noticeable difference to the softness of my skin, it felt like it had really been moisturised. I didn't notice much change in my complexion but since this isn't a brightening or whitening mask I didn't expect that too much. I found my skin was moisutrised as well when I woke up in the morning so the effects lasted. 

Would I repurchase? I would but I feel like I would try the different variations of the mask, particularly the pomegranate one and possibly the lemon one as that is a kind of mask I have yet to try! Overall I think my experience with this sheet mask was a good one and I would recommend to you guys!

Where to buy? You can purchase this from for 73p

Have you tried any of Mirium's masks before?

This post contains items gifted to me and also contains affiliate links

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Review - A'pieu Grain Soap ♡ 리뷰 - 어퓨 곡물비누

Thursday, 4 August 2016

I have a big massive box of products I need to review for you guys and I'm slowly trying to work my way through them. There's a combination of skincare and make up products, so I want to start off with a nice quick little review for you! 

A'pieu has super quickly become one of my favourite beauty brands from Korea, Etude House will always be my number one but A'pieu is definitely sitting at a close number two! They have given me the best ever nose strip so I have been quite keen to try more of their skincare stuff. I picked this Grain Soap out of everything to give a go because it was ridiculously cheap on eBay, so I thought, why not? 

So what is the products intention? The A'pieu Grain Soap claims to help with blackheads, removal of dead skin cells and removes sebum. Features in a skincare product that is quite beneficial to my own skin problems (acne prone, large pores and a face that needs exfoliated regularly). The main ingredient is red bean powder which is supposed to help very gently buff away the dead cells and clear your blackheads out. The primary ingredients are Red bean powder, Olive oil, Aloe vera, Glycerin, Hyaluronic acid, things that are very beneficial to your skin! So there's a lot in one to help out with your skin. 

So how do you use it? Initially, I thought it was like the Wonder Pore soap from Etude House that you actually rub it directly on your face so I used it this way at first, however, I learnt after that that wasn't right! It's much simpler, you just take the bar, run it in the tap and lather it up in your hands, following this up with gently massaging your face. 

Now I actually currently have 3 face washes that I'm currently using, ones I will speak about in a skincare routine post. However, I have decided to use this particular one prior to washing my face at nice, so I use it as a precleanse for my skin! I find using this helps clean the make up out of my pores and lets the benefits of my skincare routine work better. Now it's not an abrasive exfoliation soap, you can't really feel it but after you pat your skin dry you can feel the difference in your skin. It feels a lot smoother and looks a lot brighter. I've really found adding this to my skincare routine has really made a difference to my skin overall (apart from a few hormonal spots, yay post pregnancy!). 

Being quite a large block of soap, this would probably last you a long time, however, I would recommend, as you would do a bar of hand soap, to invest in some sort of soap dish so it doesn't sit on the side of the sink and the soap gets that horrible thick white layer on the bottom, you could even gently give it a little pat dry to prevent that even further. 

It doesn't have the most pleasant scent to it. It's a very earthy kind of natural scent, but that just makes me feel like I'm not putting strong chemicals on my face which is always a benefit! 

For being so cheap, you're not really breaking the bank giving it a go, so I would recommend it! I'm hoping to start investing in more A'pieu skincare products as I'm fairly convinced they are some of the best affordable ones coming from Korea. You can buy this from eBay for £1.51! Do you have any A'pieu skincare products you would recommend? Are you wanting to give this soap a try?

Also, I am working on my blog photography to try and improve it, hope you guys are happy with it!

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