Mask Monday #2 - Mirium Fresh Fruit Acai Berry Real Nature Mask Pack

Monday, 8 August 2016

Hey guys! It's Monday so it's time for another Mask Monday! Albeit, late again. I'm gradually working my way through my sheet masks I was gifted from Skin18 and I will be trying to get these ones done for you as soon as I can. I also have a few others I want to share with you but that will all come in time! 

Acai Berry is something that came about majorly into the health business a few years ago when people learnt the antioxidant benefits of the berry, it took a while after for the ingredients to appear in more major beauty brands. My local smoothie bar does a smoothie with Acai sorbet in it and it is amazing! This mask claims to hydrate your skin and help provide the skin with luster and softness. 

One thing I will say when I first took the mask out of the pack is that it is very thick compared to other ones I have tried in the past and I quite honestly do prefer a thinner one as I feel it's less likely to slide off my face while I am upright. Luckily for me I was relaxing in the bath when I used this one so it managed to stay on my face fine. Usually sheet masks have a lot of essence in the pack which usually leaves some leftover to use or a more negative point is that it can leave the mask sliding about and dripping down your neck. However, there was a perfect amount of essence in this sheet mask that left on a tiny amount in the packet which I applied before bed after my moisturizer.

The fit of this mask wasn't perfect for me but wasn't the worst. The eye, nose and mouth slits were in the correct positions to fit my face however, there was a lot of sheet mask left along my jawline so I had to fold quite a lot of it in and because of that I could kind of feel parts of it along my jaw fall away since they were overlapping each other. The scent is that of acai berries which can be expected, it's not a super sweet scent but it's quite a nice one nonetheless. 

As instructed, I washed my face, applied toner and popped the mask on for 15-20 minutes (I went the full 20) and I just lay back in the bath and relaxed with my eyes closed. Upon removal, I found the essence remained on my face for quite a while and was fairly sticky. So I had to wait a while before I finished my skin care routine to allow for it to absorb into my skin fully. When it had there was a noticeable difference to the softness of my skin, it felt like it had really been moisturised. I didn't notice much change in my complexion but since this isn't a brightening or whitening mask I didn't expect that too much. I found my skin was moisutrised as well when I woke up in the morning so the effects lasted. 

Would I repurchase? I would but I feel like I would try the different variations of the mask, particularly the pomegranate one and possibly the lemon one as that is a kind of mask I have yet to try! Overall I think my experience with this sheet mask was a good one and I would recommend to you guys!

Where to buy? You can purchase this from for 73p

Have you tried any of Mirium's masks before?

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