Review - A'pieu Grain Soap ♡ 리뷰 - 어퓨 곡물비누

Thursday, 4 August 2016

I have a big massive box of products I need to review for you guys and I'm slowly trying to work my way through them. There's a combination of skincare and make up products, so I want to start off with a nice quick little review for you! 

A'pieu has super quickly become one of my favourite beauty brands from Korea, Etude House will always be my number one but A'pieu is definitely sitting at a close number two! They have given me the best ever nose strip so I have been quite keen to try more of their skincare stuff. I picked this Grain Soap out of everything to give a go because it was ridiculously cheap on eBay, so I thought, why not? 

So what is the products intention? The A'pieu Grain Soap claims to help with blackheads, removal of dead skin cells and removes sebum. Features in a skincare product that is quite beneficial to my own skin problems (acne prone, large pores and a face that needs exfoliated regularly). The main ingredient is red bean powder which is supposed to help very gently buff away the dead cells and clear your blackheads out. The primary ingredients are Red bean powder, Olive oil, Aloe vera, Glycerin, Hyaluronic acid, things that are very beneficial to your skin! So there's a lot in one to help out with your skin. 

So how do you use it? Initially, I thought it was like the Wonder Pore soap from Etude House that you actually rub it directly on your face so I used it this way at first, however, I learnt after that that wasn't right! It's much simpler, you just take the bar, run it in the tap and lather it up in your hands, following this up with gently massaging your face. 

Now I actually currently have 3 face washes that I'm currently using, ones I will speak about in a skincare routine post. However, I have decided to use this particular one prior to washing my face at nice, so I use it as a precleanse for my skin! I find using this helps clean the make up out of my pores and lets the benefits of my skincare routine work better. Now it's not an abrasive exfoliation soap, you can't really feel it but after you pat your skin dry you can feel the difference in your skin. It feels a lot smoother and looks a lot brighter. I've really found adding this to my skincare routine has really made a difference to my skin overall (apart from a few hormonal spots, yay post pregnancy!). 

Being quite a large block of soap, this would probably last you a long time, however, I would recommend, as you would do a bar of hand soap, to invest in some sort of soap dish so it doesn't sit on the side of the sink and the soap gets that horrible thick white layer on the bottom, you could even gently give it a little pat dry to prevent that even further. 

It doesn't have the most pleasant scent to it. It's a very earthy kind of natural scent, but that just makes me feel like I'm not putting strong chemicals on my face which is always a benefit! 

For being so cheap, you're not really breaking the bank giving it a go, so I would recommend it! I'm hoping to start investing in more A'pieu skincare products as I'm fairly convinced they are some of the best affordable ones coming from Korea. You can buy this from eBay for £1.51! Do you have any A'pieu skincare products you would recommend? Are you wanting to give this soap a try?

Also, I am working on my blog photography to try and improve it, hope you guys are happy with it!

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