Welcome to GeekNess Gaming!

Thursday, 11 August 2016

This is just a quick post to let you guys know about a new YouTube channel that's just started up! GeekNess Gaming is the creation of my fiance Stuart and his friend Dazz. Two geeks from Inverness (hence: GeekNess) who have a major love of playing games. The channel is going to feature a selection of single player games and multiplayer/co-op games. 

Photo: stuartyalec@instagram

From time to time I am going to be featuring in these videos either in multiplayer games or even a little bit of solo playing! We may also have some of our other friends in our videos as well. Last Saturday, Dazz and our friend Robert came round and we filmed a video of the newly released game Overcooked. Give that a little watch below!

So if you could subscribe and follow them on Twitter that would be highly appreciated! More videos will be coming up in the next few weeks to come!

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