Review | Sleek Make Up Face Form in Fair

Sunday, 23 October 2016

For the past few months I have been wanting to give contouring a try and see how I can use it to contribute to the make up looks I can do. I was a bit scared of trying it out worrying that I wouldn't be able to do it right and didn't know what products to start with. However, having a nosey in Boots I noticed the Sleek Make Up stand and this little contour palette took my attention. Instead of having to buy a range of different products, this gave me everything I needed to at least get me started! 

In this palette you get a contour, highlight and blush powder and it comes in four different shades (Fair, Light, Medium, Dark) and I decided to go for Fair. I didn't want a harsh looking contour especially as a beginner and being a beginner with pale skin. The Fair and Light come with pink/coral blushers while Medium and Dark come with bronze shades of blushers. However, these aren't just based on your own skin colour, whether you have fair or dark skin, you could select any of the choices depending on how you want your contour to look.

So I love the packaging of this, it's simple and clean. A black case with each colour seperated and a decent sized mirror. It isn't too big in size and can easily be popped into your bag for if you ever need it! 

I'm really impressed with the pigmentation in this product as Sleek have got it just right. The pigmentation is not too much but if you really want to build it up, these do that perfectly. It gives a rather subtle finish than a harsh one, which is the kind of look I am aiming for.

♡ Contour: Matte light brown
♡ Highlight: Champagne Shimmer
♡ Blush: Coral Pink & Gold Shimmer

You guys know how much I love my corals and my shimmery glittery things, so I adore the hell out of this blusher. I've never worn a shimmery finish blusher but now I have from using this palette, I intend on doing so a lot more! I do prefer pink based highlighters as well, but I feel this one compliments the colours in the palettes the best. 

So how does it look on? Well, here's a few pictures of me wearing the palette and as you can see, it just does a nice subtle contour for my pale skin. It's such a simple little addition to my make up routine that I personally feel has made a difference to my appearance. I have had numerous compliments on my make up with people saying they love the blusher, some people have even gone out to buy it after me telling them the palette I have used! 

 So, for me, my first experience of using contouring and highlighting has been successful and has made me want to try some more products! I'm definitely keen on trying the Solstice highlighting palette from Sleek because the colours are gorgeous. 

Do you guys have any contouring products you couldn't live without that you would recommend? Have you yet to try this make up technique and would you like to at somepoint? What other Sleek Make Up products have you tried and loved? Let me know down in the comments!

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