3 Korean Brands I Aim To Try in 2017

Thursday, 12 January 2017

I'm a creature of habit, if I find one thing I like I stick to it and that tends to ring true especially when it comes to beauty brands. I don't tend to like trying too many at a time and stick to the ones I know, because I know what quality to expect from them. However, this year I have 3 Korean brands that I want to try and I aim to make sure I do try them! These brands are a little higher end than the ones I currently purchase from but I am not buying as much make up as I normally do this year. I intend on only buying base make up, a few lipsticks and perhaps any limited edition collections if I feel it's necessary. So, I am going to try out these brands whenever I need a new base product and along with such I will buy some form of lip product from them too! Maybe some skincare when I'm needing a restock. 

I've got a lot planned for the blog in regards to K-beauty trends and products and I hope to feature some of the brands and some of the products mentioned in the process. 


3 Concept Eyes is a highly popular brand but just one I haven't gotten around to trying. Their products are primarily shipped from Stylenanda, the store that launched the brand. I love the highly minimalist packaging of their products, usually black with their logo adorning it. Some limited edition collections may feature colours related to that collection however. One thing that has always drawn me to this brand are the lip colours. I've never seen a brand come out with so many pretty coral coloured lip products so that's a major drawn in for me. The products look to be of amazing quality with incredibly high pigmentation. I also adore the make up looks they apply to their models, which has given me some inspiration for my own make up style. 

One of the main problems with 3 Concept Eyes, is due to it's high popularity and the simplicity of it's packaging, it's probably the brand that gets the most fake products made from it. So, if you go looking for the brand and find the products to be only a couple of pounds, they are highly likely going to be fakes (unless it's nail varnish which can be around about £5 or a little less). The two genuine sellers of the brand I know of are Stylenanda and YesStyle.

1. Sparkling Liquid Pigment #Joyful - Eye pigment that can be used either as an all over or when applied with a lining brush, eyeliner. Highly pigmented and a gorgeous shimmering pink.
2. Cover Cream Foundation #Light Vanilla - I want a little bit of a treat when it comes to my next foundation purchase, so this is the one I intend to buy. The coverage is what draws me to it as my acne scars mean I need to have a high coverage. I feel I would need the lightest shade too.
3. Liquid Lip Color #Dashed - This is the most gorgeous bold coral pink liquid lipstick.


Korean make up artist Pony (real name Park Hyemin) is someone I have been following for a few years now. I used to read her blog where she shared her make up tutorials and looks. She worked with brand distributor Memebox to bring out a line of products under the line of PONY X MEMEBOX. Along with this she has collaborated with a number of other Korean make up brands, most namely for me is Etude House. Among fans of Korean beauty products and even just K-pop fans, she is incredibly popular and well known. Having left her blog (yeah, it's empty) she is now focusing on her YouTube channel and her other SNS along with her brand collaborations. In 2016, it was announced that she would be launching her own brand of products called Pony Effect.

I lusted after several products in her collabs with Memebox, but around that time, they stopped International shipping so I wasn't able to get a hold of the stuff (unless I paid inflated prices for it). Her Pony Effect products are much more easily accessible for someone living in the UK, purchasing directly from Korean websites.

My mindset is, if Pony is willing to put her name to it, it must be good!

1. Ink Lip Stain #Honest* -  Gimme all the coral. I've bought a coral lip tint before and it wasn't the best at showing up, but this lip marker seems likely to show up better.
2. Everlasting Cushion Foundation #Fair** - First of all, the black and rose gold packaging is gorgeous so that's one bonus of it. Looking at photos, the coverage looks fantastic and gives a glowy finish.
3.  Stay Fit Matte Lip Colour #Amazing* - BOLD BOLD BOLD. A ridiculously bold bright pink that I neeeeed for the summer.

* Memebox links, however, will be purchased from a Korean site that's currently under maintenance| ** No link as I think manufacturing has ended so extortionately priced eBay links


Laneige is a highly loved brand among Asian women, not just in Korea and it's best known for the standard of their skincare products. Their name means "The Snow" in French and they aim for this image of having skin like snow in how pure and bright it looks. Since 2008, the company has employed Korean actress Sony Hyekyo as the face of the brand. She's widely as one of Korea's most beautiful women, showcasing a perfect complexion that holds many people envious (look up skincare tips from her and you'll find there's articles upon articles about it!), so it's no wonder a company focused on skincare wanted her to feature in their promotions. 

Laneige was the first Korean brand I ever heard of, but for some reason, I just never purchased anything. I think a primary reason for this is my focus was on trying new make up products (I'm going to go more into that in another post) and it's only been the past year or two I have focused on my skincare and products from Korea being featured in my skincare a lot more primarily (as I used to use natural products such as apple cider vinegar, rose water and coconut oil for my skin!). So most of the products I want to try from this brand are skincare products. I do however, want to try their two tone lipsticks sometime in the future as I love the gradient lip look and I'm interested to see how it turns out using a product that does it in one movement!

1. Two Tone Lip Bar #Juicy Pop - As I mentioned, I want to try their two toned lipsticks adn this is the colour, a pinky coral going to a yellow, it looks gorgeous when applied and I neeed it! Would be a lovely colour for the springtime.
2. Multi Cleanser_EX - Okay, this was the first product I heard of when it came to K-beauty and I've wanted it since, but I didn't buy it due to me being stingy when it comes to my money but I intend on purchasing when I need to stock up on my skincare.
3. Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel - I was that kid sitting in art class covering their hands in PVA glue and peeling it off (and by kid I mean 18 year old in Higher Art). So I love feeling masks and while I've heard great things about the other mask from this range, I want to add a peeling mask into my daily routine!

So that's the three brands I want to try this year and I hope I manage to purchase all of the items I have featured if not the majority of them. Have you guys tried any of the products mentioned above? Do you have any Korean brands you're desperate to try out? Let me know in the comments below!

This is the beginning of me improving the quality of my K-beauty related content. I want my blog to be well stabilised as a blog focused on Korean beauty and I guess a goal is for even a few people to direct others to me when they need some help when it comes to Korean products. I also want to explore different Korean trends with you guys, some I have used myself and some I haven't. I hope you guys look forward to anticipate this improvement. If you have any questions about any aspect of Korean beauty you think I may be able to answer for you and if you would like a post about it, feel free to ask me!

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