What I Hope To Achieve in 2017

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year everybody! With the New Year here, I think it's time to share with you guys the plans I have for the year and what goals I have that I desperately want to meet this year. Some of these aren't going to be the easiest of tasks for me to do, but they're things I am going to give the biggest amount of effort I can in order to do them. I'm not overly about that "new year, new me" but I like to use new years, new weeks as a starting point for goals as it just feels more comfortable for me. 

Get to my goal weight of 9st 7lbs - This was the weight I was when Stuart and I started going out and was the weight I was the happiest with my body at. It's not an easy weight goal for me because I have the body type that NEEDS to eat healthy nearly all the time and workout loads in order to shift weight. This is a loss of 2 stone I am aiming for (sitting at 11st7lbs since having Rinoa) so I think this is do-able. I have a deadline for this that is prior to the end of the year, which is June as Stuart and I want to go on holiday for our two year anniversary and I wanna get myself looking as good as I feel I can in a bikini! Hopefully getting back to work is going to help since I will be back on my feet nearly everyday and combine that with daily exercise. I've been finding it hard the past month to lose weight with it being Christmas time and that, parties and family get togethers and that. 

Take A Photo Every Day - This is something I've been planning for a while. I want to take some form of photo with my DSLR camera and edit it to make it look nice. I think it makes sure that I get regular use out of my camera and gives me another creative outlet. These will be posted on my instagram under some form of hashtag that I will share. I'll also feature these photos on my blog, perhaps every week or month, undecided at the moment. Either that or just in a widget in my sidebar This is something I'm hoping I can stick to for the whole year. 

Work on my self presentation - This is quite a big one for me. I'm not the most confident in my looks but I'm going to try and find a way to present myself in a way that I feel confident. Losing weight is going to tie into this and I'm also going to experiment with wigs, coloured lenses and invest in some new clothes to fit how I want to show myself. 

Continue my K-Beauty Blogger Files Project - I love this feature and I have been a bit sad I have't been able to feature that many bloggers in it so far, it's difficult to find people in the same niche to include, but I'm hoping to at least have 6 done this year and will actually answer the questions myself too! 

Start my YouTube channel - I already have a channel set up, but I have yet to post on it. I'm hoping to post up one video a month as a minimum. 

Be a better blogger - I started the year doing very well with my blog, posting regularly and the likes. But after having my daughter I kind of lost my motivation. I talked about my struggles here. But I'm going to try and push past these. 2 posts a week I think shall be sufficient but I'll obviously have weeks when I post more regularly. I want to buy a diary to plan it out and help myself stick to this. I also want to work with more brands, add new features and even collab with other bloggers too. 

Get a job I enjoy - I quite frankly dislike my job a lot and as much as I love food and making food, I hate working with it. My job also has absolutely 0 promotion prospects so I want something that can lead into a possible career and something that I will absolutely love. I love the idea of becoming a personal trainer but I think I need to meet my goals first before trying to help others reach theirs.

So that's my plan so far for the year, normally I would have added goals for my blog in terms of stats but I don't feel like it's necessary as those have nothing to do with bettering myself or adding more value to my life. These things however, will. I'm hoping I manage to keep up with these and I will keep you updated on my progress in all of them. 

What goals do you have for 2017? Anything similar?  

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