Review | 3 Concept Eyes Liquid Lip Color #BE DASHED

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

For years and years I have been eyeing up products from 3 Concept Eyes. Me, being as stingy as I am, was worried about paying the slightly higher price for their products, simply because I'm too much of a bargain hunter. However, I spoke recently about wanting to try 3 brands this year, even if it means I only try one product from each brand, as long as I get a little taste of them! So first of all, I have decided to buy a product from 3CE from my wishlist in the form of the 3CE Liquid Lip Color in the shade Be Dashed. I struggled to narrow down a lip colour I wanted desperately from them (believe me, this is far from the only one!) but I felt like I wanted another bold colour in the pink-coral shade range.

The product comes in very sleek baby pink and black packaging with a little doodle of lips on the front. The size of the tube was a little bit smaller than I expected but it's nothing I'm going to complain about, I shouldn't have made presumptions. On the back of the packaging there is the information on the product in Korean along with the shade name. 

Most liquid lipsticks I have used in the past come with the standard doe foot applicator and you pop it in the tube and take the product out that way. However, there's a bit of a difference here where you actually squeeze the product out of the tube and it is soaked up by a brush applicator. Because of this and the boldness of the colour coming out of the tube, it feels as though you are applying a lot of pigment to the lips, which is what we are after here!

With the rise of Korean beauty and the popularisation of a lot of brands, there are a lot of fakes circulating the web and there's a lot of horrible knock off 3CE stuff, so this was another reason I was wary. If you see anything 3CE for under £5 please do not purchase it as it is more than likely to be fake and you can't guarantee the safety of the products and the quality will not match up. I was initially going to purchase this through StyleNanda (3CE's owners) to make sure I got the genuine product, but I searched about and found a seller on eBay that promised a product with the 3CE Genuine Product seal on it, so I felt like I was safe in my purchase. There was also a sticker on the tube itself that I know validates how genuine the product is as they were also on my nail varnishes I got from YesStyle (a genuine reseller). 

On the side of the box they include some information in English and a full list of the ingredients. I admittedly don't pay a lot of attention to ingredients lists as my skin doesn't seem to have issues with things, but for those intrigued to try that do like to focus on the ingredients, here you will find a list!

Here's a little swatch of the product, this was done in small strokes to built the shade up tidily. As you can see it's an incredibly bold and pigmented colour that definitely leans towards the pink scale of things but also has a hint of coral to it which really brightens the colour up. I have been wearing this quite often lately though I do think this is more of a shade for the summer time, but I guess I can get away with it in the spring too! 

I actually feel like my photos of this lip colour aren't doing it justice to just how bold and gorgeous it is. I've had a lip colour in a similar shade in the past, but not only does this one have a warmer feel to it, I find the quality of the product and the texture are leaps and bounds apart. This applies so smoothly onto your lips and doesn't patch, which is something I always worry about when it comes to lip products. There's no stickiness and it does, as they claim, apply to a matte finish. The colour is long lasting, at least 8 hours I have found the colour on my lips still looks bright and that's even with eating food like apples! Something that is a concern with liquid lips is that there are some out there that are very drying in order to get a matte finish, the 3CE Liquid Lip Color does not do that and my lips just feel, natural for lack of a better word. I love this product applied fully on the lips or as a gradient lip (with the help of good old concealer!) and I feel it really compliments my pale/warm toned skin as well.

Do I have anything bad to say about this lip product? Frankly, no. I guess for me the price is the only downside, but that's just because I'm cheap haha. But I do see that you get what you pay for here and I've bought myself a high quality lip colour that I want to wear every day but I don't want it to run out! This experience has left me wanting to try the other ranges of lip products from 3 Concept Eyes and venture into trying some other colours (in particular, their nude shades! They're the prettiest I've seen). So if you yourself have been wavering between trying 3CE products, I definitely say go for it, it's worth it! 

Do you yourself have a favourite product from 3CE, which would you recommend? Or are you like me and are wary to try them out? Anything you really want to give a go from them? Let me know in the comments!

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