Review | Tony Moly x Pokemon Mini Cover Cushion

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

I have a lot of fond memories from when I was younger in regards to Pokemon, whether it was watching the anime when it was on TV in the morning before school, playing the games on my GameBoy or collecting the trading cards and ending up getting a whole heap of shiny cards because the boys at school all had a thing for me and wanted to give me their shiny cards. The release of Pokemon Go last year brought back a lot of nostalgia for a lot of fans of the series and got people out and about! At the height of the popularity of the game, Korean brand Tony Moly teamed up with Nintendo to bring out a selection of beauty products adorning a select few of the most popular Pokemon on the packaging. 

The Quickest Nine Months

Friday, 10 March 2017

I can't believe how quickly time has been going since I've become a parent. I remember not so long ago writing my birth story out for you guys and now here I am talking about Rinoa being 9 months old, only 3 months away from her being a year old! It's crazy! I wanted to share with you guys what these 9 months have been like and the progress that Rinoa has been making lately.