Review | Tony Moly x Pokemon Mini Cover Cushion

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

I have a lot of fond memories from when I was younger in regards to Pokemon, whether it was watching the anime when it was on TV in the morning before school, playing the games on my GameBoy or collecting the trading cards and ending up getting a whole heap of shiny cards because the boys at school all had a thing for me and wanted to give me their shiny cards. The release of Pokemon Go last year brought back a lot of nostalgia for a lot of fans of the series and got people out and about! At the height of the popularity of the game, Korean brand Tony Moly teamed up with Nintendo to bring out a selection of beauty products adorning a select few of the most popular Pokemon on the packaging. 

So I actually got this for my birthday and along with this I have another product from the range that I will share at a later date! Here we have the Tony Moly Mini Cover Cushion with Pokemon's main mascot, Pikachu! This is actually my first skin based product from Tony Moly (I've used lip, cheek and eye products from them in the past) so I'm quite excited and intruiged to find out how it plays out with my skin! I picked the #1 Skin Beige shade as it was the lightest of the two available, I usually go for the lightest shade in Korean base products dependant on the range (sometimes I will go for the 2nd shade up, such is the case of Missha!). 

The first thing I have to point out, is how adorable is the packaging? No matter if you like Pokemon or not, you can't deny Pikachu is just the cutest little cute thing ever. This stands out a lot amongst my make up as it is a bright bright yellow, and the majority of my make up packaging is pastel shaded. Being called a mini cover cushion, this doesn't mean the coverage is mini but the cushion itself is. This is probably the size of a blush cushion rather than the size of a normal foundation/bb cushion. This would make it super handy to pop into a make up bag without taking up a lot of space. 

Opening it up, the first thing you will notice that the puff applicator is a pokeball!! This is the cutest touch and it's very fitting as it seems the style of a cushion applicator was made to be turned into a pokeball. 

As per usual for the majority of cushions, you will have to lift the top part holding the applicator to reveal the cushion itself, this is usually also covered with a security sticker. I don't have a photo of that as I had taken it off on the first attempt of taking photos that ended up blurry thanks to a smudge on my lens (thanks camera). 

As you can see simply from this swatch this shade is very very pale but you can see the yellow undertones in it really well. This makes it exceptionally ideal for me as that is the exact shade I am looking for.

I apologise for my skin quality T_T I didn't edit these as I wanted to show the best representation of the product as I could, as I didn't want to give a false impression of the coverage of the product. As you can see I suffer from redness, large pores and I also suffer from acne scars. Because of this I usually need a medium/heavy coverage to make my skin look not as bad as it is. I've not used any primer for these photos, simply just my bare skin with the cushion applied to it directly.

The product applies very well as most cushions I have used and blends into the skin with ease. The coverage is great and has minimised the appearance of my large pores. I can see, however, that some of the redness is still visible, so I think an easy solution would be my mint colour corrector just to even that out a bit. I'm highly impressed with the coverage here and I think the pictures speak for themselves that this product does make a difference!

So would I recommend this product? Yes! It's super effective! It is a little more on the expensive side (£8~ for a small cushion) which can honestly be expected from limited edition crossover work with brands. But it is a cute handy little make up piece that I'm actually going to try and refrain from using too much at the moment and save it for taking away with me on holiday! It has a lovely soft scent that I familiarise with cushion foundations and there seems to be a decent amount of product in the cushion itself. One of the good things is that you can always refill and keep the case as a regularly use item if you want to! It's a great novelty product for the Pokemon and make up fan combined!

X5? Do we get 5 Pikachus? 

As mentioned, I got this for my birthday as I had asked Stuart to get me this among other bits and pieces because as soon as I saw the Pokemon range after my friends in Korea were sharing the things they had got I told myself I needed it, purely for the novelty and also as an excuse to try a brand I have used in the past but their product types I haven't gotten round to yet. 

That's where I am going to finish off today! I am super happy with this product and I know it's something I'm going to keep as a form of merchandise for myself. Have you tried any of Tony Moly's Pokemon products? Are you keen to? Also who is/are your favourite Pokemon and your favourite type?

My favourite Pokemon are Suicune, Espeon and Vulpix and my favourite types are Psychic, Fairy, Water and Fire!

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