The Quickest Nine Months

Friday, 10 March 2017

I can't believe how quickly time has been going since I've become a parent. I remember not so long ago writing my birth story out for you guys and now here I am talking about Rinoa being 9 months old, only 3 months away from her being a year old! It's crazy! I wanted to share with you guys what these 9 months have been like and the progress that Rinoa has been making lately. 

Even though I blogged about my pregnancy week by week and shared various other aspects when it came to being pregnant, I found when I gave birth that I didn't want to be a parenting blogger. While I myself love reading blogs of this type and I have the utmost respect and envy towards those that can blog regularly while parenting, I just felt it wasn't for me. I love sharing the cute things my daughter does, but I didn't want to share every aspect, I just wanted to enjoy my daughter without feeling like it was necessary for me to blog about it. I do however, want to bring the occasional update with you for those that were following my pregnancy!

I'm going to admit it hasn't been an easy 9 months. I have learnt and a lot and grown, but there have been some very testing times for me. The first six months I had a hard time dealing with very severe postnatal depression that I sadly didn't get the help I needed from professionals in order to help me through it and I had to take it upon myself to be the one to fight the demons that were coming at me for that time. Stuart was a massive help to me during this period and I know it can't have been easy for him, but he always stood by me and helped me through it, so I've always been so thankful to him for that. Being on maternity leave, I found myself being incredibly isolated. Friends that had promised to come and see me and spend time with me and help me out whenever I needed it were never to be seen and the only socialising I got was with Stuart when he came home from work or if I went to my mum's house just so I wasn't on my own all the time. This is still an issue for me lately and while I try to not let it bother me, it does from time to time. I do find the days that no matter what I do, Rinoa just won't settle for me. I get stressed upset and annoyed. Not at her. But simply because I feel I'm not doing a good enough job because there must be something I'm doing wrong if she's still crying. It's a hard thing to deal with and I've had so many nights where I've had barely any sleep because of it.

I've never felt love as much as I do for my beautiful little girl (sorry Stuart!), it's true when they say that being a parent teaches you unconditional love. Looking at my daughter every day I am amazed that Stuart and I created this little person and that I grew her inside me! She's made so many advancements every single month and she has such an amazing little personality as well. I've had so many people tell me they have never seen a baby so cheerful and I often find myself getting stopped in the shops by people wanting to speak to her and tell me how gorgeous she is.

So what is Rinoa doing now?

Talking while she's not exactly having full blown conversations with us. She has a certain few words she likes saying the most such as mum, dad, baba, oh, wow and even meow! She loves responding to you having conversations with you and will sometimes even sing along with you if you sing a couple of notes. She uses her hands to gesture when she wants things and does super grabby hands (think Zoidberg from Futurama).

Movement Rinoa is properly crawling and now pulling herself up to stand against furniture. Sometimes if you hold her hands for her to stand she will take a few steps forward but still needs the support from it to stand upright herself. She moves very easily from lying to sitting to crawling to standing (with something to pull herself up from). So it's time for us to lock pretty much every thing down and out of sight for her. 

Sleeping This is still something we have a minor issue with in that she goes to sleep very late at night (usually between 10-12) and she will either sleep all night, wake up every few hours or most commonly she will sleep until about 5/6 for a bottle and then go back to sleep until 9am, which isn't too bad but we just need to work on getting her down sooner. I try to not let her nap too often but if she definitely needs it I don't deny her it. She loves sleeping next to us in our bed but we try and limit this to the weekends or if she won't settle back down in her cot. I actually only put her in her big cot in her own room until last month. I had a lot of anxiety about putting her in a room by herself as I wanted her next to me but I eventually bit the bullet and it's been great, I actually think she sleeps better in her cot, she moves about to find the place she's most comfortable and settles down. 

Food So I did baby led weaning, Rinoa being so independent she wanted to feed herself her own food half the time so I let her do so. I don't give her set meals a day and still put a focus on the milk she has. I do however, try to give her something to eat herself while I'm having my dinner as whenever she sees us with a plate she usually wants whatever is on it. Her favourite foods are sweet potatoes, cottage pie, Yorkshire puddings, carrots, broccoli, toast (with jam!), rusks, yogurts, chocolate and ice cream. As with anything, everything is done in moderation and things like chocolate and such are very very limited in how often and how much she gets.

Teeth Oh a teething baby is not a very joyous baby. I have a lot of sympathy for the wee toot as I can imagine it being agonising for her. She currently has her bottom two middle teeth in and she has her top right middle tooth coming in now! She looks so cute with her little teeth!

Favourites So I've been guilty of popping Rinoa in her Jumparoo in front of the TV just so I had some time to get some cleaning done on the very rare occasion. But I've found through this some of her favourite things that she likes to watch. PJ Masks is her favourite kids show, as soon as she hears the intro she's got all her attention straight on it. Spongebob fits in with her fascination for yellow, we call Jacksepticeye her boyfriend and Bubzbeauty/vlogz is probably one of her other favourites as her videos have both her young son and her doggies and she starts screaming with excitement. Her #1 favourite thing? Overwatch. Yep. The game Stuart and I have both been playing since June, she gets so excited and shouting Oh! OHHHHH! whenever it is on. I'm teaching her to say ("Dee Dee" she seems to say just now) and she kinda taught herself to recite Reaper's Ult call "Die Die Die" and copies him whenever he does it in game. I think the bright colours and fast paced action of it draw her attention so much. I have a feeling she's going to follow in Stuart and I's footsteps into gaming at a young age. 

Asides from the more technological aspects of things. She has a few toys she loves such as her cookie jar sorter, she holds the shapes over the sensor so it makes noise. Her baby phone which just simply lights up all over and makes noises. Her bath toys (in particular her rubber ducks!) and my moogle/chocobo (Final Fantasy!) teddies!

She's changed so much and so fast and I'm so excited to see the changes over the next few months as she seems to learn and pick up new things every single week. I'll make sure to update you all on her progress as she reaches one year. Although I'm not going to be making regular parenting blogs, keep an eye out for some diary entries revolving around just regular life and particularly exciting days for me!

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