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Saturday, 15 April 2017

I'm doing something a little different this time around when it comes to the Pink Bird box and I am reviewing the products seperately! I feel this will be beneficial in the sense that I can be indepth and break things down better without my readers having to read one massive long post. Plus, due to the fact that this box comes both with a focus of skincare and lip sticks, I wanted to be able to highlight both aspects in their own right.

Etude House recently released a new skincare line called Soon Jung, the focus of this skincare is for those with sensitive skin and to create products without any harmful ingredients. While I have been trying various skincare products lately, I've still yet to find my perfect solution for my skin so getting this little sample kit lets me have a short try of things. This is a pro and a con in all honesty as sample sizes are not enough to get a full feel of a skincare line as I like to test skincare for 4 weeks at least to know if it works for me or not. 

One thing that's been drawing me to the Soon Jung skincare line is the fact that the products are full of natural ingredients (over 90% for each of them) and they have avoided adding in any harmful ingredients into it. Having a look on Cosdna you will see that the ingredients listed are given the top rating for safety for your skin which is a bonus. While in the past when it comes to skincare I would have bought whatever was popular, I have decided more recently to look into the actual ingredients to help benefit my skin. 

My skin type is normal/oily, but during times of stress and when it's my time of the month my skin becomes hyper sensitive and I can't use the majority of my skincare products, because my skin just feels like it's on fire. Because it can be unpredictable at times when my skin is going to be hyper sensitive, I feel like having a skincare routine focused on sensitive skin would be the most beneficial to me. I actually used these samples during a period of hypersensitivity to see how effective it was during my skins worst times. 

In conjunction with this sample set, I have used the A'pieu Grain Soap as this is a cleanser I have that doesn't cause harm to my skin during hypersensitivity. 

SoonJung PH5.5 Relief Toner | First up we have the toner of the range and this was one I was worried was going to cause some form of adverse effect on me. I find most toners tend to be the main issue when it comes to my sensitivity due to the alcohol levels usually and the ingredients tend to be quite strong. However, this toner matches with your skins natural PH of 5.5 (which is slightly acidic) and this prevented my skin from suffering from the usual post-toner burn I suffer from when my skin is sensitive. You are instructed to apply this with your hands and use light patting motions on the skin to let it absorb into your skin better. My initial response to applying the product was noticing that there was no scent to it, which definitely made me feel like this was lacking a lot of unnatural and scented ingredients. One of the major benefits of applying this toner was that it was non-drying and I actually found my skin felt incredibly smooth after application, something I've never really experienced when it comes to toners before! So a definite plus and has made me want to swap out my current toner for this. There's a couple other methods of using this such as placing soaked cotton pads on the affected areas or even purchasing a mask capsule (it's a sheet mask capsule that you soak in your own serum/concoction to make your own sheet mask, these are fairly cheap too!) and I am yet to try either of these but I feel like I will when I get the full sized product.

SoonJung 10-Free Moist Emulsion | I've never really used emulsions on my skins in the past, I instead tended to just use a serum instead so because of this, I've not got a lot to compare it to. It was actually quite difficult to get the product out of the bottle it was included in, I'm not sure if this tends to be the case for other products of this time but I felt I had to hit the bottle on my hand a good few times to get anything to come out of it, this may just be the case with the sample size. In comparison to the toner there was an incredibly (and I mean barely there) faint scent to it, nothing overpowering and was a soft scent. The thickness of this felt like it wasn't going to be too overbearing and wasn't greasy in the slightest. Due to this, it absorbed into my skin with ease and in good time. This only accentuated the moisturised feeling my skin had from the toner. 

SoonJung 2x Barrier Intensive Cream | I don't tend to have a luck with moisturisers, they always end up leaving a slightly greasy film on my skin until eventually deciding it wanted to absorb into my skin properly. So, as with the toner I was worried about this! However, I didn't have to worry at all, the formula is again non-greasy and is a fairly light moisturiser. This is perfect as the weather is beginning to warm up now it is spring, as the last thing you want on a hot day is to have your skin suffocating under a thing moisturiser. As with the other products this was absorbed by my skin pretty quickly and didn't give me that same feeling other moisturisers have given me in the past. My skin felt even softer with the use of this and help aid my faith in this range!

5-Panthesoside Cica Balm | The key ingredients, panthenol and madecassoside aim to help repair damaged skin so this is a product aimed at those that may have significant damage to their skin perhaps in the form of acne, scars and skin irritation. I have never used a cica balm before but from my understanding they are intensive skincare products that help repair your skin and prevent future damage (with regular use) but of course this can't be expected to be a resolution to all skincare issues. I myself suffer from acne, and having recently had an outbreak that died down, I find myself usually with red marks where the spots were for a while after. Due to this, I decided to focus the balm on this area to see if it would have an effect. While I do not have photos to show any difference I did notice that the redness of these spots had reduced a significant amount. I also applied this as an all over balm on a separate occasion to see if it made any difference and I did notice the area on my cheeks near my nose which tends to go quite red remained fairly close to my normal skincare instead! While I think this did have a positive effect on my skin, I didn't feel it was a super necessary step, but I guess we all have our own preferences when it comes to the product types we use. This is a gel product that rounds up the routine nicely if you are suffering from any issues. 

Has this made me want to buy the full size products?

Yes actually! I love trying sample and trial kits when it comes to skincare because it gives me a general impression of it and how my skin may initially react. Due to the nature of the ingredients of this range, I have a feeling that I would be safe to buy the full sizes and not have an adverse reaction to it, especially since I tried these samples out during a time that my skin would normally be in a lot of pain if I used new products on it that weren't made for sensitive skin. Next time I go to purchase new skincare products I am definitely reaching for Etude House's Soon Jung range!

Are you yourself interested in this skincare range? 

These Products were sent to me as part of Etude House's Pink Bird program, however, all opinions are my own honest view.

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