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Monday, 24 April 2017

I'm back with the final part of the March Pink Bird Box and this is probably the biggest part of it and it took me the most time to get organised for you guys but it's finally here! The last aspect of the box involved us receiving 3 of Etude House's new Glass Tinting Lips Talk range in a variety of shades and these also come along with mix and match lipstick cases that you pop your lipsticks into! I think this is a really neat concept and one that really lets you personalise your lipsticks to suit your own style and taste. It is also beneficial as it means you just have to pay for the lipstick part and not pay for both the lipstick and case when you want to replace it after you've finished!

Etude randomly selected the cases for us asides from the Pink Flamingo one (as this is their primary promotional one at the moment) so everyone seemed to get different cases and we all received the same three shades of lipstick. So, despite the lipstick shades being the same the cases made them a little bit personal for each of us.

Alongside the Pink Flamingo I was also given the Popping Popcorn case and Hug & Kiss, I really like all three of them but I love the general design of the Hug & Kiss case simply because I love pastel colours so of course I'm going to feel a little more drawn to this particular one! I love that for the case range they have a selection of both bold, bright cartoony cases and more minimal, pastel ones, so there's definitely something to suit everyone here!

All of the bases showcases Etude House's minimal version of their logo, as they have a decorative version too! 

I figured before I actually show you the shades I should show you how these actually work together and annoyingly it didn't click with me until I was finishing up my post that I should have taken demonstrative pictures (sorry ㅠㅠ) so here is the original images shown on the Etude House website ( that basically tells you to chose a colour and design, and you push the lipstick in until you hear a "tok" (click) sound and that your Glass Tinting Lips Talk is complete! 

So these were the three shades we received, Romantic Frill Pink, Swag Red and Bohemian Rosy Brown. These are just 3 shades out of 20, so there's plenty more choice if you don't feel any of these colours are for you.

Each lipstick comes in it's own individual box and comes with a protective lid to save the actual stick from damage until it is placed in a case (this is also handy I guess if for some reason you didn't get a case) and the name of the colour is also printed along it so you don't get confused with it being outwith it's box.

The side of the box showcases a small selection of swatches of some of the shades and also lets you see that this has a glossy finish. 

I would like to initially say that I am really happy with the variation of shades that the gave us this time, as I feel these are 3 completely different shades that can make completely different make up looks which I am going to try and demonstrate within this post to you guys.

So, I tried to match my lipstick colours to match well with the cases that I was given and did my best in doing so, I like to have things pretty and matching!

A little arm swatch! From top to bottom you have Romantic Frill Pink, Swag Red and Bohemian Rosy Brown, you can see even from these swatches that the colours are varied and that the finish of them is very glossy, you can see the natural light reflecting off them! This gave me high hopes as to the finish but with most things that finish in a glossy manner it left me worried about the staying power of these lipsticks. 

One of the reasons this post took so long to do was that I had to wait until my days off to do a full make up look to match with the lipstick shade as I wanted to show that each is suited to it's own look. For the Romantic Frill Pink I wanted a simply, pretty pink based make up look ideal for spring and that is exactly what I did. Pairing it up with a simple eyeshadow look combining shimmery pink and mauve as a shading colour and a slight downward eyeline, it's nothing too daring but accentuates my eyes and lets the bright pink lipstick really shine. Just to add a bit of cuteness to it, I also used a bright coral pink blush and a little highlighter.

One major feature of this exact shade is that it's Krystal's (from f(x)) pick from the shade range and even features a print of her signature on the tubing! Which I thought was a really adorable touch.

A pink lipstick was perfectly going to be matched up best with a pink case and while the shades are different, it doesn't clash and just works nicely together! 

This particular shade is well suited to me because I love wearing simple eye make up with a bold lip colour, especially ones that are more on either the pink or coral side of things. I'm not good at glam eye make up so letting my lips be the focal point seems to work well for me! I can see why Krystal chose this colour as it captures the essence of what Etude House is in a lipstick colour! 

Due to my complexion (warm toned skin and dark hair and eyes) I suit red very well, however, it's a colour I only tend to wear when I want to either look more on the sexy kinda side or just a bit more mature (in a way, I hope that makes sense!). Red is a confidence boosting colour for me as it's bold and tends to grab people's attention whether it's make up or clothes. I think this tends to be the case for a lot of people and red is often marketed as a colour for women when they want to look sultry. I find for me this is best combined with just a simple wing eyeline and usually a little bit of eyeshadow, maybe a little bit more depending on how daring I'm trying to be. So I've combined Swag Red with a gentle smokey eyeshadow, a wing and subtle contouring and highlighting of my cheeks with a small amount of red blusher to bring some warmth to my face. 

Because the case itself had a hint of red to it, I thought this would be the best match casewise. I thought the popcorn case was stupidly cute (and made me want popcorn!). 

I think this shade is going to be my current go to for my more sultry make up looks, It's a bright red that seems to be a little on the warm scale of things and actually matches well with my skin because of that. Because it's actually quite hard for me to find a red that I'm happy with and goes well with my skin because I think a lot tend to be cool toned reds. 

Now time for the last and probably my favourite out of the three and that is the Bohemian Rosy Brown, this is a pink based brown colour (this actually seems to be a popular kind of hair colour in Korea) which softens the brown while maintaining some warmth to it. This time I combined this with a neutral smokey eye and a little bit of highlighting and contouring, I also used a small dab of the lipstick as a blusher as I didn't quite have a cheek colour that matched well with this. 

I felt neutral matched best with pastel!

I find this is definitely suited for more neutral makeup looks and one that I may wear day to day and I have actually worn it to work a few times since I received it and gotten several compliments on it. It doesn't stand out too much but is good for when you want a MLBB kinda look.

One of the downsides of these lipsticks is that fact that the finish is so glossy that the lasting power isn't great and it tends to wear off quick. However, I did notice that it does leave a subtle hint of the colour on your lips afterwards (Guessing this is where the tinting in the name comes from!) which is a positive. They have a soft cosmetic yet mildly sweet scent to them and the glide on really well. I find the application isn't patchy unless my lips are a little on the dry side and the colour seems to watch to cling on to those areas. I love the initial glossy finish but I know that would come at a price as long lasting gloss finishes tend to be very sticky, these do not share that same stickiness, which is good!

Have you tried any shades from the range? Do you want to? What do you think of this DIY lipstick concept that is going on here? Let me know in the comments below! 

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