Review | Etude House Pink Bird Box February 2017 ♡ Wonder Fun Park

Monday, 10 April 2017

After a long wait thanks to some issues with customs, I finally got my hands on the products from the second box of the Etude House Pink Bird program! This time round, we were given a selection of products from their new Wonder Fun Park range, a range brought out just for the spring time with pastel eye colours, bright lip shades and rainbow cheek products. I was looking forward to this an insane amount as soon as I saw the packaging for it as, as you can see, it's a whole lot of pastel which fits right in with my colour scheme! 

I would like to warn you beforehand I had to take my photos for this twice. I wasn't happy with the lighting in the first set and I had used the products since then so the products don't have their unused appearance as I would normally like, but I wanted to be 100% satisfied with the photos I was giving to my readers. 


I'll begin with my favourite products in the box and that is the Dear Darling Soda Tint in PK001 and BL601. I am a weakling for lip products, I love having my make up quite simple and finished off with a lip colour, it just seems to piece things together for me. The range has a selection of both warm tone and cool toned lip colours, which is a feature that Etude House have been using lately which is highly beneficial for people to pick out colours that go with their skin tone.

Unfortunately for me, the two shades we were given were cool toned, while I myself am warm toned so I was anxious about how these would actually look when they are on me. I find cool toned make up tends to make me look really washed out, especially when it comes to vibrant colours as it seems to lack the pop and just makes my face look dull. I did end up however, purchasing OR201 so I could try one of the warm toned ones. I was tempted to try the OR203 but I already have a lot of lip colours in a similar shade so I wanted something different, this one will be up on the blog at a later date for you all!

Beginning with PK001, Sparkling Grapefruit Soda. This is a bold pink shade that upon initial application doesn't appear to be too cool toned. One thing I noticed about these tints is that they don't initially apply as a tint, they seem to be a gloss (but thankfully not a sticky one) but eventually dries down to a stain so the colour remains. The shade of the stain itself is fairly cool toned and would be ideal for those with pink undertones for the summertime as it's bright but not too overbearing. It does however, seem to slightly lean towards a more neutral tone so I feel like I get away with wearing this. I would say I like this one the most out of the two shades, but as I will discuss later in the post, I enjoy the two of them combined. 

Now! BL601, Exciting Milky Soda is a gorgeous gorgeous lilac colour and one that I was sceptical of trying out because I had no idea how it was going to turn out! However and thankfully, it changed to a pink/purpleshade when it was applied. This is also a shimmery finish, something I have never tried when it comes to the world of lip tints so thank you for that Etude House! However, due to this being so blue in it's undertones, this does not suit me as a standalone product, so I feel like I can't wear it all too often. 

It does look incredibly pretty though and would definitely describe it similarly as others have as unicorn tears as it's so pearlescent in it's appearance. 





Following Korean make up trends, I have worn a gradient lip many times, however, I always done this with one colour or two colours that were similar. This is my first time trying it out with two completely different colours and I love it!

In regards to this product they are definitely the highlight of the box and I love the details like the mint green lid (my favourite colour if you didn't know already) and the fact that the shade name is shown inside a little puft of cotton candy (which is totally making me want to go to the fair!). I would have preferred a choice in selection of the colour we received based on our skintone, however, being happy with the colours already, I am excited to try the warm toned ones myself. 

Next up we have a product I was intruiged to try! I have long seen the Curl Fix Mascara range from Etude House but just never got myself round to trying it. I have also been wanting to try out coloured mascara since I saw Seunghee from CLC sporting some light neon pink mascara on her bottom lash line.

Seunghee of CLC

Now this isn't quite the same colour, but out of the two shades available, a lilac shade and a mint shade called Swing Mint, this was definitely the one out of the two I was wanting. This was primarily because I don't actually wear much purple make up if at all, I prefer pinks and corals and these shades are easily complimented with a little bit of mint green. 

The curl of the wand makes it very easy for it to be applied and reach any awkward lashes. If I'm correct, this is the same wand as other shades in the range of Curl Fix mascaras from Etude House so, being happy with the wand I'm going to try out the more neutral shades too. Being a pastel colour there's always the concern that it will appear chalky, it's just something that comes with wearing soft pastel colours, especially when it's a product that aims to cover dark eyelashes with the colour. This is kind of what this product ends up doing, It can be a little obvious that you have such a light and bright colour on, how this appears to you will be dependant on how you view your own make up and you preferences. I myself, don't mind wearing a bright mascara and I feel I suit it. 

In order to make a look I decided to go along with a theme of watermelons, so inline with the Wonder Fun Park range I am calling it Watermelon Soda. I combined bright pinks with mint green with a hint of black to showcase the colour elements of a watermelon. The look is quite simple and not too extravagant mostly because I suit and can apply simple looks better.

One of the biggest cons of this product is the removal of it, I still had visible green on my eyelashes for 3 days after even with several attempts at removing it! So I think if I'm wearing it I need to find a way to incorporate it into looks for a couple of days or just layer black on top.

Finally, I am going to talk about the last two products and ones that are probably the most disappointing, one moreso than the other. The Wonder Fun Park range came along with two cheek pacts, one for blush and one for highlighter. These came in rainbow shades and seemed to show that Etude House were following the rainbow highlighter trend in a more subtle way than we see on the likes of instagram. 

The better of the two was the Candy Highlighter, coming in a pastel pink and mint green pact, it showcased a soft pastel rainbow. When I say soft, I mean very soft. The pact doesn't have a high illumination level to it and as I mentioned previously when it comes to pastel colours, these can appear quite chalky. I actually found these nearly impossible to take decent swatch photos of which is why I haven't included any in this post. It's a very very sheer highlighter but this isn't too much of a downside to me as I feel it's definitely worth wearing for day to day when you don't want to have too much of a glow. It also seems to be best applied with you fingers along your cheekbones. 

The colours are really pretty and I wanted to like this a lot more than I do.

As you can see, the highlight on my cheeks is super subtle. Beneficial for day to day but this is down to personal make up style and preference.

The major pro of this product is the packaging, the carousel design is one of the cutests I've seen and I love the combination of the pink and green with the glitter font, which gives off the feel of the lights at nightime at the fair. 

Isn't this Highlighter Brush absolutely gorgeous? With it's soft pink, mint and lilac bristles and white handle it is a pastel lovers dream come true. Sadly, this is where the praising ends. This brush is far too soft and not dense enough to pick up the highlighter, which is it's sole purpose. I have yet to try and find another use for this brush other than have it sit matching with all my every day make up products and making my beauty desk a little prettier. 

The brush just doesn't work for it's intended purpose which is highly disappointing. I would like to give the other brushes they released as part of the range a try and see if they are any better though.

So, February's box was a bit of a hit and miss. There were great aspects to some of these products and some not so great. I was looking forward to trying this range out so much and I feel a tad disappointed in the quality that has come out of it. It seems for sure that there was a massive focus on the packaging department as this seems to be the strongest point when it comes to the Wonder Fun Park range. I have gone ahead and purchased another lip tint and a lipstick from the range to see how these fare and hopefully I am met with some good results. 

Before I round up this post, I want to touch on my frustrations with this box and why it got to me so late. I had woken up on a Saturday to find I had a letter from Parcelforce through the door, upon opening it I found that my parcel from Etude House had been taken by customs and I was expected to pay a £21 charge for this and after 3 phone calls and attempts to speak to someone to find out what was actually wrong, it turned out Etude House made a very small mistake on the declaration form when it came to the value of the parcel. I personally didn't see this as fair as I knew the other Pink Birds weren't having to pay for their products, I was hesitant in paying the fee. I emailed Etude House a few times to try and get a response in relation to what I should do about the box and I had to wait a long period of time (2 weeks nearly) to get a response which left me frustrated and not knowing what was happening. The lack of communication during this time left me feeling really disheartened but I was happy to receive a reply from Etude House when I got a reply and they told me to get the parcel holders to send it back and they would resend the products out in my box for March, which is what they did. 

Have you tried any products from this range, are there any you are interested in testing out? Let me know in the comments below! I will have March's reviews coming at you in 3 separate posts, so keep an eye out for them.

The products in this post were received as part of the Etude House Pink Bird program, however, all views on these products are entirely my own. 
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