First Impressions | Etude House Honey Cera ♡ Etude House Pink Bird Box April 2017

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Hey guys I'm back with my newest Pink Bird post, as with the previous month I am splitting them into separate posts just for the sheer purpose of adding focus into the products. I'm starting again with the little skincare sample set that we got and as with the Soon Jung line, I will only be giving my first impression, so this will be written as and when I use it for the very first time. While I am quite good at making samples last me longer than they should, I don't feel like it's fully enough time to get a proper review of a product out to you guys. And I promise, within the next week I will have a post that isn't my Pink Bird stuff! 

This time around, we got a sample set of Etude House's Honey Cera skincare line. This is one that has been out for a while, but remains quite a popular one! The range focuses on honey and ceramide (hence "Honey Cera"), I have never used a skincare product before now that featured ceramide as a primary focus in it, so I've been quite interested to try! I have used products containing honey for years (probably nearly 10 now that I think about it) and sometimes make my own DIY face masks with it, so I know how beneficial it is for my skin. It tends to help with my acne and moisturises the skin well (plus it smells nice!). The range claims to firm and nourish the skin, making it more plump, so let's see how we get on with that!

With this skincare first impression, I am using Rosette Cleansing Paste Acne Clear as my cleanser to start off with. This is a Japanese cleanser my friend Elise recommended and sent to me a while back and I tend to use it whenever I have a breakout (like I have just now!). 

Honey Cera Toner | The toner itself is a little thicker than toners that I have used in the past and seems to be a lot creamier in texture in comparison to others. This is definitely the thickest out of the Etude House ones I have come across. This is beneficial in the sense that it feels like a moisturising toner at the same time. I apply my toner using clean hands and using a light slapping motion as I find this helps my skin absorb the product easier. The Honey Cera Toner seems to absorb well into the skin without taking too much time. This felt like a good start to a skin routine that is supposed to help moisturise your skin and aid dry skin. 

Honey Cera Emulsion | I find it difficult to make use of emulsions in my skincare routines as I tend to use serums over them, but I may consider adding them in as an additional step. As with the emulsion in the previous sample set I tried out, it was quite difficult to get the actual product out of the bottle. It feels a little bit thicker than the toner but it doesn't feel like it's a clogging kind of thickness. Following the use of this, it did make my skin feel a lot smoother and I found this one took about the same amount of time to absorb into my skin.

Honey Cera Cream | My initial reaction when I went to take some product out of this was that this is the thickest moisturiser I have ever used! I'm quite used to using more light products as I don't like them being too heavy on my face. Because of this, I would use this as a night cream instead of a day cream unless I managed to get up early enough before work and do the routine an hour or so before I put my make up on. A little goes a long way with this product and I only needed the tiniest amount to cover my whole face in a generous feeling amount, this is probably due to the thickness of the cream. Because of this, it does seem to take a lot longer to be absorbed into the skin. This is another reason why I would rather this as a night cream. 

Honey Cera Priming Eye Serum | I'm gonna put my hands up here and admit that I am the worst at looking after my eyes. I don't tend to use any creams under my eyes, at least ones specifically targeted towards them. It's something I should probably get started doing as I'm getting older and I don't exactly have the most flattering of eyebags on the go! So I don't have a lot of previous experience to go on to see how effective this product is but I will try and give a decent view of it! I find the serum to be a perfect thickness for something to be applied under the eyes, again a little goes a long way and a tiny little pump of the tube gave me enough to cover my eye bags and give my eye lids a little bit of lovin'! I did notice that my eye bags felt less dry (this is a minor issue with my skin that I chose to ignore). 

Overall | So, my overally first impression range is a good one. I think because of the thickness of the products and the moisturising levels due to the fact that it is targeted at those with dry skin, I would probably pick some products up from this range as part of a winter skin care routine, as this seems to be the time of year I struggle to find products that will actually keep my skin feeling soft and looking less dull. 

When I tried these out I didn't use a mirror to apply them, so when I went through to the bathroom an hour after applying everything I was quite impressed to notice that my complexion had improved massively just from this one use (of course, this is temporary and I would have to keep it up for consistent results). My face looked a whole lot brighter and it also felt a lot smoother too. I noticed my eye bags were slightly less set in and therefore on the lighter side of things. This kinda makes me want to get more use out of eye creams! 

Of course, one of the major pros of this range is the fact that it smells so sweet! It's a very subtle honey scent but one that is super pleasant. 

As said I would probably purchase this skincare range in the autumn/winter and get some good use out of it then. Combining it with a few other products as well, I'm quite interested in the lip oil treatment for this range as no matter what time of year it is I suffer from dry lips.

Have you yourself tried anything from the Honey Cera Range?
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