Guest Post | Raising Awareness of Hyperemesis Gravidarum ♡ Elle May

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

It's been a long time since I had a guest post featured on my blog, mainly because I found the blog posts I was getting weren't overly related to my blog itself. However, I came to my dear blogger friend Elle to write a post for me about Hyperemesis Gravidarum to help her raise awareness for this condition that affects a lot more women in pregnancy than you may think! This is something I have always had awareness of, but something I haven't experienced. Elle is also raising money in support of raising awareness and you will find the link in this post if you would like to donate any amount towards the cause, she's over halfway towards her goal now! The following words are that of Elle.

I've done a number of posts on HG now and the more I do the more I feel like I'm helping others to understand that it's not morning sickness, you probably realise now I'm talking about an illness that can occur in pregnancy one which I have suffered with and one that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. What is HG? It's an uncomfortable sickness that can start at 6 weeks and ended at around the 14 week mark, but not all women who suffer from HG are that lucky, some end up having to deal with the sickness throughout the whole of their pregnancy. HG can make women throw up over 30 times a day which leads them to lose a lot of weight as they're unable to keep food down, I tried everything to help my sickness and the only short-term solution that did work was when I went into the hospital to have fluids through an IV. Them fluids only helped me for around 3 days then I was back to throwing up, even more, I would often end up throwing up blood which was concerning, it turned out that it was from my throat and stomach so I would have to go back into the hospital for fluids and stronger medication. Trying to swallow tablets when you can barely keep down fluids was an ongoing battle I would have with myself, I would spend a long time convincing myself that this time they were going to stay down so I could at least try some dry toast, boy was I wrong, as soon as they went down my throat my body pushed them straight back up again, glamorous I know!

There isn't much help out there for women like me, even some of the staff in the hospital were useless and would tell me that it was just pregnancy sickness and I would be fine, It's far from normal and felt like I was trapped in this tunnel I couldn't get out of, having to spend each day in a bed with a sick bowl crying and just wanting to be able to pee but unable to because I was so dehydrated was what my life has come to. I have a chronic illness, so mix that with HG and what have you got? Hell! My body just couldn't deal with the lack of food and fluids and fluids are very important when it comes to my chronic illness so I was more than just a pukey mess. Pregnancy often helps the chronic illness I have (neurocardiogenic syncope) as it helps raise blood pressure and NCS makes me have low blood pressure, but because of HG it made my BP even lower so I was feeling like death basically (bit dramatic I know but it's the only way I can describe it).

A few months ago I found out that there is help out there, help that I never knew about in the form of a charity called Pregnancy Sickness Support, I was reading an online article about HG and found the link to PSS and decided to research them and find out how they could help. I used the contact form to get in contact with them and find out where their nearest day clinic was and found it was only down the road from me, this left me frustrated and annoyed, to say the least. No one told me about this place or that there was help like a walk in day clinic out there, instead most of the time when I was pregnant I would have to travel 40mins (sometimes longer) to the hospital to stay in for fluids. PSS are trying to raise enough funds so that their leaflets are included in bounty packs which I think is a brilliant idea, not only will it help those who have HG but it will also help women like me talk about the fact that they were able to get help, I'm doing my best to try and help raise funds and contribute to these leaflets being added to bounty packs, I've started up a gofundme with the target of £200, now it may not be much but it's better than nothing, I want to try and turn something that made my life hell into something positive for those who are living with HG now and those who have gone through it.

- Elle