Review | Etude House Super Slim Proof Liners ♡ Etude House Pink Bird Box April 2017

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Today I have the fourth and final blog post for the products featured around the Pink Bird box I received for April. This time I am sharing with you two eyeliners from Etude House's latest line of liners. We each received two, one in black and one in brown and one being a brush type liner and the other being a pencil. Eyeliner is a major part of my make up routine and I very rarely go a day or make up look without it, so it was exciting for me to try these out and see how well they lasted and applied onto my eyelid.

Eyeliner doesn't tend to last all day with me because my eyelids tend to get quite oily so eyeliner tends to wipe away or fade, even if it's just in the outer corners. I also have difficulty in applying it, not due to skill but due to the fact that I have such long eyelashes that they get in the way and I often get liquid eyeliner stuck in the lashes. Not a pretty look and quite frustrating. 

I'll begin by showing you swatches of both the eyeliners on my hand in two different strokes. The upper ones in black are the Super Slim Proof Pencil Liner and the lower ones in brown are the Super Slim Proof Brush Liner. I did a stroke using the thinnest part of the applicator and the thickest part, to see the difference and what different strokes I could get. These were done using one single stroke each and I found that they applied well with ease and were easy to get neatly done.

I was most excited to try out the Super Slim Proof Brush Liner in brown as I have been needing a brown eyeliner and I was hoping I would have some success with the actual brush applicator. 

The brush is incredibly fine at 1.5mm, perfect for thin upper lash lining and any intricate details. 

This has been the easiest to apply liquid liner I have ever used, the density of the brush allowed for the lines to apply evenly without the bristles of the applicator getting stuck and in my eyelashes, creating an unnecessary mess. I can get a nice sharp wing with the use of this and it lets me do very fine eyelining. For a liquid eyeliner as well I found this to dry very quickly so I didn't have to worry about it transferring onto my eyelid if I prematurely opened my eyes fully. Eyeshadow colours are Shooting Mint and Strawberry Jubilee from the Etude House Ice Van palette.

Longevity? This has been the longest lasting eyeliner on me, ever! Being applied at 7.30am, I still had a prominent line and wing at the end of the work day at 5.30, it even lasted beyond that until 9pm when I went for my shower, it probably would have lasted through the night if I left it on (but that's a bad beauty habit!).

Next up we have the Super Slim Proof Pencil Liner in black. This one I was not so excited about as it is incredibly rare for me to use a pencil liner. I only ever use the gel type ones in brighter colours as they're easy to do some fun colourful details around the eye. Pencil liner tends to only be used on me on my waterline if I am applying a fully lined make up look, which again is super rare for me. For the sake of trying it out in comparison to the brush liner, I decided to apply it along my top lash line to see how it matched up to it.

The pencil is the same width as before at 1.5mm, which is probably the slimmest pencil eyeliner I have come across.

This applied with some ease to my eyelid, if just a little uneven and was difficult to apply pencil to such a soft area. Just to prevent took much movement with the eyeliner I only applied it thinly along the top line and flicked it out a tiny amount. 

Longevity? Poor, very poor. It lasted maybe 3 hours on me before it had become a messy black mess around my eyes. A look I'm not quite impressed with and this is one reason why I don't like using pencil liner as a top liner. 

I think out of the two the standout liner is the Brush liner in brown and I think I would definitely keep this and an invested in black one in my make up collection as a permanent replacement for my current liner. Easy to apply and lasts all day definitely bodes well with me so these have won my heart a little bit! 

I also want to share Etude's promotional work for the product as I was so happy to see that they show different applications using these liners for different eye shapes, and they even included uneven eyes which made me feel included ♡ Something of an insecurity of mine it was good to see Etude show an eyeliner method to help conceal it just a little bit!

Do you want to try Etude House's eyeliners out for yourself? 

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