An Overview of the Emotional Journey of Prompto's Discovery of His Origins

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Final Fantasy XV was a game that I had anticipated since it was first announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII back in 2006, when it finally came out last year it was the first time in a long time that I fully devoted a lot of my spare time to a single game. It ended up being the first game I got a platinum trophy for as well. While the game was met with a bunch of mixed reviews, I myself thoroughly enjoyed the game and would definitely have it in my top 5 Final Fantasy games. I admit the story lacked a little but the character development has been one of my favourites in the series. When FFXV was released, there was the option to purchase a season pass for £20, this would give you additional content such as the Holiday event items and DLC episodes for each character. Earlier this year we were given Episode Gladiolus, while it filled in the hole in the story, it wasn't overly enjoyable to me and it lacked a lot of depth. Out comes Episode Prompto, following our upbeat blondie photographer and his journey into discovering where he came from. Not wanting to spoil details of the main game nor the Episode, I'm going to just talk about some elements and what feelings I took away from it and try and keep this spoiler free.

Taking a slight change from the main game's battle style, this is a 3rd Person Shooter (Prompto's main weapons are firearms and Noctis can also equip one as well if you so choose to) that takes part during chapter 11 in the game and seeing Prompto's perspective of things. Having a handgun with unlimited ammo (but limited power) and a blade as the default weapons, Prompto can also equip a range of firearms which include an SMG, rocket launcher, sniper rifle and flares bombs. 

He is also accompanied by our lovely Dragoon, Aranea (she is my wife okay). The addition of Aranea into this DLC allowed for her personality to be shown a bit more through her conversations with Prompto, but also allows for Prompto to not feel like he is alone in the journey he goes through to get back to everyone. The two can team up together for link strikes and battle techniques such as Dragoon Dive. Being more powerful than Prompto, I feel he would have struggled a lot more with the onslaught of the enemies had she not been there as he is known for being the physically weaker member of the group. While he can cope against smaller groups, it seems he can't completely do things alone. Perhaps showing to himself that he needs his friends as much as they need him.

A very expected feature in the game comes in the form of one of his techniques in which he can stop mid battle and take a photo with an enemy (aptly named Selfie-Shot). As in the main game you can also take manual shots of the locations, enemies and any other characters that make an appearance in this episode. 

Getting around the place is either done on foot or by snowmobile and I found the controls of the snow mobile to be a little...ehh at first but it took a little getting used to, but there could have been a little improvement done there as the movement felt quite sluggish. There a number of sidequests that let you earn currency to upgrade your snowmobile (which is entirely optional).

I gained a massive emotional bond to all of the main characters of Final Fantasy XV, since there was a focus on the bromance between the four guys, you really developed a sense of attachment, one I particularly felt for during the game was Prompto. Feeling like he never really belonged in the group but regardless of his negative feelings towards himself, he always kept on being bright and cheerful, trying to keep everyone's spirits up. His character development and depth to his own background seemed to be a lot clearer throughout the game and this episode only shows that more. Showing him learning of his origins, not wanting to accept it and then eventually coming to terms with it. It also gave more background into the Magitek infantry that we fight against in game and made it feel a little morbid defeating the empty, soulless beings. I also tried my hardest to keep it together when he was speaking to his inner child, the child in himself (I love fat Prompto :( he's a wee doll) that he wanted to change from to become the person he is now.

Robbie Daymond, Prompto's voice actor does a fantastic job portraying the emotions of the Episode. I cried a good 2-3 times playing this and watching the cinematics. It sounded like heavy work but he did so well. 

I enjoyed this DLC Episode a lot more than the first and it lasted longer (Gladiolus took about half an hour while this took me 2 hours minus the sidequests I plan on going back to) and there was definitely a stronger sense of story to it. While I know people feel this should have been included in the main game as it is such an integral part of the story, I know myself time constraints would have made it difficult to get the game out on time. I didn't mind paying an additional £20 for additional content that just seems to constantly be coming since the game came out. 

Along with some additional trophies (not necessary to get the platinum in the game but necessary for 100%) there are also two unlockables for the main game. One being the Tundra attire, which is the outfit you can see here that he wore throughout the duration of Episode Prompto. This gives Ptompto the highest HP stat boost out of his attire choices. The other item is the Lionheart gun. This will ring a bell with fans of the Final Fantasy series as it is named after the Lionheart Gunblade from Final Fantasy VIII which was Squall's ultimate weapon. It also bears a resemblance to it with the blue on the barrel, all it is missing is the blade. 

The music of this was composed by guest composer Naoshi Mizuta, so the feel differs slightly different feel of the music from the main game composed by the Queen of game OSTs Yoko Shimomura. The music combines both orchestral music with more modern electronic music.

This one is my favourite out of the two main battle themes as it gave me strong FFVIII vibes which is probably due to the sound of the reverbed drum beat you can hear over the top.

This was the piece of music that was previewed prior to the release of the DLC and it's just absolutely gorgeous, with a sense of nostalgia and sadness combined. This one seems to fit most into the sound of the main game and fits Prompto and his story so well.

It was difficult to talk about this without spoiling too much but I think I did an okay job! I'm now going to be attempting to collect all the trophies for this and I had a lot of fun playing Final Fantasy in a slightly different fighting style (I never played FFVII:DoC but I know that was another TPS in the series) and to play as our lovely wee Prompto. 
Did you play Episode Prompto? Or have you played the main game and are interested to find out more about the background of Prompto? Let me know in the comments below what you thought! (If you are mentioning any spoilers please start the comment with SPOILERS to save other readers from being spoiled at all!)
PS. I haven't done a gaming related post for a long time but I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope to try and do them more regularly!

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