A Little Escape to Pennan

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Having always lived in the city since I was born, it's sometimes nice to get away to somewhere a little more remote and less busy. We recently went for the weekend to Stuart's dad's house in the little coastal village of Pennan, the little coastal village in Aberdeen-shire. This is our second visit there and with the weather being far nicer than it was on our first trip in December, I decided to get some photos taken and yes this is a super photo heavy post.

As you can imagine, this is the ideal place to get some photos of the water alongside some of the hilly landscapes. Pennan is primarily this one road with all of the houses along it and there's also an Inn. It's vastly different to the city where there's a tonne of streets, constant cars and it's just highly populated. 

Stuart's step-mum Shona, alongside her friend run a little cafe by the harbour called Coastal Cuppy, they've had a lot of custom since they opened over the summer with a selection of drinks, cakes and bacon rolls. I was actually surprised at how busy it was for such a small area but it seems that there are a few people that want to come out just to see the harbour and to have a ~fly cup~ while they are out there. I ended up jumping in and helping out a little bit as she got busy by herself (hey, I work in a cafe I have a lot of experience in this field!). 

I remember a couple from England were sightseeing and asked me to take some photos of them and there was also another couple from Australia talking away to me and two gorgeous doggies too!

Rinoa kept wanting to run into the harbour and was chasing all of the dogs that were wandering about shouting "MAOOOO", I think she thinks all fluffy animals are cats. 

This was primarily just a post to share some of the photos I took while I was away as I thought some of them turned out really nice, it's a photogenic little place! I'm looking forward to our next visit in September for Stuart's dad's and Shona's wedding! It was nice to get away to somewhere reclusive and where the air is so much fresher than it is back home. There's a definite smell of the sea and the sound of the waves calmly crashing is relaxing. Part of me could see myself living somewhere like this, away from everything but I know a large part of me would miss the convenience of living in the city and having everything at your fingertips. It's at least nice for the short term so I can appreciate it more. 

Bonus: I think someone lost their apple.

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