Review | Peripera Peri's Ink Velvet ♡ #9 Love Sniper Red

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

In my make up collection I always like to have a red lip tint and have done so for years. Being pale, dark haired and dark eyed, red really stands out on me and suits me well, either giving me a sexier look or looking just a little brighter. Desperate for a red and noticing all the Korean beauty instagrammers were sharing this particular liquid lipstick/tint constantly, I had to get my hands on one of them and hit two birds with one stone by getting myself a much needed red. 

All of the Peri's Ink Velvets come in a gorgeous little semi-reflective box illustrating the design of the make up product along with the name of the shade with the actual colour of the box matching that of the lipstick. 
The product itself comes in a super cute little ink dropper type bottle. It's such a simple yet quirky little design aspect that I really love and is one of the things that drew me to purchasing one. This is a common theme for the products in the Ink line regardless of whether it is a lip product or an eye product. 
Despite the appearance of an ink dropper bottle, it doesn't not apply in this way. You screw the lid off and you are greeted with an angled doe foot applicator. The angle makes it easier to apply to the lips and in making sure you get to some of the more awkward areas with ease.


This tint is super super super crazy pigmented. When I apply this as a gradient I only need to use to dabs on the bottom lip and 1-2 on the top and for a full lip cover I would say 3-4 on each part of my lip. It is not necessary at least with this shade to use the applicator to apply a layer all over, the product has such a thickness and pigmentation to it that it is simply too much and you will be finding yourself with lipstick on your teeth and and smudged on your face. A little goes a long way which helps make the product last longer in your collection. If you are going to apply in this method I would recommend being light with your touch on it. This means you can build up the intensity and make sure there's not too much product on your lips.
I find the product applies very smoothly to the lips and doesn't settle into any lines, the finish is a soft velvety one that doesn't do a lot to take away from your lips own texture.
I have only experience in using this shade but if you are to purchase this one as well I recommend the dotting technique on your lips and blending out with either a lip brush or sometimes it's more convenient to make use of cotton buds to blend it out to give your lips coverage. A gradient is usually combined with a touch of concealer or another colour applied underneath (I will talk about how I personally apply gradient lip looks to myself in the future). 


I've noticed it's more and more common these days for Korean brands to show their lip products both on the lips as a full block of colour but also as a gradiation due to the popularity of the look among people. I love how this product looks in both styles because the finish to the look can be completely different depending on the rest of your make up.


I found the tint lasted a few hours on the lips, it seems to last a little bit less if I wear it as a gradient (which is quite common). There is some initial transfer upon application but once it has dried in it doesn't transfer to a majorly noticeable extent. Provided my lips have been scrubbed and moisturised a little prior to application, the product doesn't dry my lips out which is rare for a lip tint, but the velvety texture helps that out and really leaves the lips feeling close to their natural texture. I only find it dries out if I'm walking outside in a cold wind, which can be expected. 

Peripera claim that the product lasts up to 6 hours and I can say that it can to an extent. I find after a few hours the colour has reduced greatly however there is still a tint of the colour. Sometimes if I'm drinking a lot without a straw and eating food that is quite messy or liquid central I do tend to find that the product doesn't last as long. 


The scent smells so nice and fruity! It's not too overpowering and lingers for a little while before you get used to the scent being there. It reminds me slightly of berries.


The colour is a red with pink undertones, making it more cool toned. Applying in the way I have done so in the above swatches makes it look a lot more pink, due to using less product but applying fully with the applicator gives a more intense red colour that still shows through a strong deep pink undertone. 

I made a bit of a mistake with this and didn't research swatches properly. I just took the swatches given from the company and I could have done with a warm toned one instead. My eagerness to purchase one from this brand left me not taking my time in picking a shade. Lesson learnt. However, I am managing to make this work for me. 


I'm generally very impressed with my first experience of the Peri's Ink Velvet. I made a silly mistake with my shade choosing, however, it's not completely bad. I love the application, the finish and amount of time it lasts on my lips (I generally don't mind having to do a reapplication if needed but at 6 hours, I only have a couple hours left of work so I can deal with it). I think this particular shade is best suited to those with a winter colour palette (a deep winter would be more ideal) as the red would go well with those with dark hair and dark eyes but the cool toned skin will bring the colour together better and compliment you fully. 


Damn right I would, I have been so impressed with the quality of the product I will happily buy more! I want to try some of their softer coral shades and next time I go to buy a red I will definitely make sure I check out real swatches from reviewers first to make sure I get a more fitting one. I also want to try some of the other Peripera tints in different textures and that I will get round to doing in the future. 

Have you given any of Peripera's lip products a go? Let me know your recommendations if so!

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