K-Beauty Files IV - Pink Bird Edition - Yennie of Yennie's Beauty Corner

Saturday, 23 September 2017

This little series finally makes a little reappearance on the blog! This time I am featuring one of my fellow Etude House Pink Birds on the blog and letting you get to know her and her relationship with K-Beauty a bit more! I started this series initially to share the love for other bloggers that share my same interest in Korean beauty products and let you discover more! So today we have the lovely Yennie! As you can guess I met her through the Pink Bird programme this year and she was actually the one that started up the group chat for us! Today you're gonna find out a little more about her! 

First off, tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog!
Hi! My name is Yennie or some of you mght know me as @199yoo on instagram. I am 22 years old, a registered nurse and a huge korean/japanese beauty addict living in Australia. My blog is on a Korean app called Naver and there you can find all the posts related to my participation in the Etude House 2017 pink bird program.

When did you gain an interest in K-beauty and how did this interest come about?
I started using Korean skincare and cosmetics about 6 years ago, back when i was in high school. I became more interested in k-beauty after my first visit to Korea and mostly from a friend's word of mouth.

Which brands would you say are your favourites?
There are so many Korean roadshop brands out there now days and im sure a lot of people are familiar with the big ones. I really like the nature concept of brands like Huxley and Innisfree but these days im really into Aritaum, Apieu, Peripera, Cosrx and many more!

Are there any products from these brands you absolutely couldn't live without?
Im obsessed with Huxley's products especially their essences and keen to try out more from their brand. I have been using Aritaum's brow products and eye shadows for many years and they are still my all time favourites. Apieu's got some quality base makeup and lip colours and so does Peripera. If you have sensitive skin, Cosrx's skincare products cant possibly go wrong!

How have you gone about discovering the brands you currently use?
I mostly discover new brands and products on Instagram, especially within the asian beauty family tag! I always find surprises and recommendation from fellow korean beauty lovers like myself. I also use naver blog which i do my homework and research on a product if i plan on purchasing it, the only downside of that is you need to be able to understand korean.

Do you feel like your make up style is influenced at all by the styles popular in Korea? or do you mix and match Western and Eastern trends to create your own look?
Actually, although i am half Korean, my makeup style is more to the natural side. I often find korean makeup very bright and dazzling, which is perfect for parties and gatherings. However i want a more softer and wearable look as my daily makeup for work, so i would tone down my makeup just enough to enhance my natural features without putting too much emphasis. I do try to follow and incorporate some trends if they are suitable for me.

What is your skin type and skin troubles? What products are you currently using regularly?
My current skin type is combination and a little sensitive. Some of my skin concerns include redness in the cheek area, freckles and sun spots, occasional breakouts and very bad dark circles. I like to keep both my skincare and makeup simple and use the least amount if items as i can. Too much layering of skincare doesnt work for everyone, so its important to only use the products necessary. For my skincare routine after cleansing, i use a toner > essence/serum > eye cream > facial cream followed by a sunscreen during the day. For my full makeup routine i use a primer, concealer/colour corrector, bb cushion/foundation, eyebrow pencil, eyeshadows, eyeliner (i only use dark brown colour), mascara, blush/contouring, lipstick/tint. 

Would you say your make up collection primarily contains Korean products? Or do the Korean products stand in your collection as a smaller addition?
My collection contains a mix of korean, japanese and western products. I like to use base makeup from Korean brands because the foundation shades match my skin tone. A lot of my lip tints are also from Korean brands because they are more long lasting. 

Do you have any favourite Kbeauty focused bloggers or YouTubers?
I follow many korean youtubers but again most of them only make videos in Korean with a few that speak English or sometimes put English subtitles. I would recommend channels like: Meejmuse, Beautifymeeh, Sunnydahye, Kimdao and So Young's Beauty Room.

Are there any products or brands you have been keen to try but haven't gotten round to? 
I would love to try brands like Troiareuke, 3CE, primera, pyunkangyul, bombee plus more cosrx and huxley products as well.

Alongside myself, you were also chosen to take part in the Etude House Pink Bird Program, how did you personally find the experience as a whole? 
The Etude House pink bird program was a very rewarding experience, but all sponsorships have their pros and cons. I really appreciated the monthly products they have sent us to review (via ems too) and that there were a good variety for us to try out. However, if would have been much better if they tried to communicate with us more and tailored the products to our needs rather than just sending everyone the same things. 

Out of the products sent to you, which would you say were the biggest hits and misses?
I have picked out a favourite item of each box, one that i would personally purchase with my own money. More details on those star products are reviewed and you can read about them on my blog.

If there was any K-beauty brand out there that had a similar programme, which one would you like to work with?
I would love to see more brands doing this monthly box thing because im sure a lot of international bloggers would be keen! Especially with some of the bigger and globally recognise brands such as innisfree, aritaum, tonymoly, nature republic etc.

Any final words?
Thank you for reaching out to me for this blogger interview! I reckon the world of k-beauty has become a very big and recognised family for us all to get together and share about our experiences, so i am really grateful for this opportunity. Cant wait for future collabs! - Yennie x.

That's it from Yennie! Make sure to follow her on Instagram and bookmark her blog (do it do it do it!)! I hope you'll look forward to more interviews like this and if you want to take part feel free to drop me a message and I'll get you fixed up!

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