Mask Monday ♡ A'pieu's Sweet Peach Sheet Mask

Monday, 18 September 2017

Mask Monday is back!! I have a tonne of sheet masks to work my way through so what better excuse to bring back a feature I made an attempt at starting! I've been slacking in the skincare front lately and need to slowly develop some good habits to get me back into things, so a weekly face mask is on the cards. Today I have one from A'pieu, a brand you will have become fairly acquainted with reading my blog as they've become one of my favourites. I actually received this mask for free because the eBay seller had to wait 2 days to ship out my order due to it being a holiday in Korea at the time and sent this alongside my order as an apology (nice huh?! It still arrived earlier than all my other orders ordered earlier too). 

So this is A'pieu's Sweet Peach Sheet Mask which comes from a range they have of skincare products of sheet masks, cleansers and hand creams which come in a variety of flavours such as banana, melon and grapefruit. I was actually highly considering adding these sheet masks to one of my hauls at somepoint so I get to have a little sample of them before I buy the other versions!

Combining yogurt and white peach this mask is supposed to nourish the skin while soothing it and giving a silky finish. The mask is also made out of 100% pure cotton. 

After tonight apply the sheet mask to your face appropriately. Leave on your skin for 15~20 minutes and following removal of the mask, pat the rest of the essence into the skin to fully let your skin feel the benefits.

Scent and Essence
As you can imagine this does have a peach scent and ohhhh my god is it nice. It's kind of a mix between artificial peach and sherbet. Tasty smelling basically. There isn't an alarmingly large amount of essence but there is enough to make sure there is enough to be absorbed into the skin from the mask and a small amount in the packaging to apply afterwards (I usually like to apply the excess onto my neck and chest). Sometimes it can be a bit annoying if the mask has too much essence on it as it's hard to pull apart.

The mask isn't too thick or too thin and I didn't feel worried that I was going to tear it apart while I was opening it out, so it felt sturdy. It felt gentle on my skin and light, sometimes I have to lie down when wearing a sheet mask as it tends to slide down due to various reasons but I managed to sit up right with no worry of this sliding off. It seems to allow for the essence to be absorbed from it to the skin with ease. 

Definitely one of the better fitting sheet masks I've tried. I don't actually have any problem with how it fits onto my face, there is a small amount of excess sheet at the jawline but this is because I have quite a small face. The holes for your eyes, nice and mouth are quite wide so it caters to many and the spacing between them is well proportioned to my face. I usually have problems with the part of the sheet between my nose and lips but it fits there well without falling down.

While the sheet mask was on I felt no adverse sensation (which is good!) and it was comfortable to wear. After the 20 minutes there was still a decent amount of essence on the mask so I used that to wipe all over my neck and chest to let them get some of the benefits. Following adding extra essence to my face it took about another 20 minutes to absorb into my skin fully (bonus!! Some can take hours) and left my skin without the tacky feeling some masks leave. I also used the remaining essence in the packet the next morning to stretch it out even more and I found it helped my make up apply smoother on my skin. 

A lovely smelling sheet mask that is well fitting and leaves my skin feeling nourish and feeling silky smooth and looking bright and dewy. A recommended one from me!

These are very affordable (under £4 for 3) and come in a small variety of different flavours so I think I would definitely like to purchase the others to see how they perform alongside this one. I was also repurchase the peach version as it just smells so nice. Also the very shiny packaging of this made it so hard to photograph so apologies but even that is cute!!

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