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Monday, 25 September 2017

Welcome back to another Mask Monday, the series where I share with you a mask of some form that I have been using lately. More often than not this is going to feature one use sheet masks which should hopefully help you discover new ones to try out. Now, whether you're big in K-beauty or not you will probably have heard of the Tony Moly sheet masks (I say this as I have seen a lot of bloggers post about them) and how beneficial they are. So I went ahead and bought the whole set of 11 from Amazon for £13.50 (this price alters from time to time but is usually under £15, please don't be ripped off by sites selling the single masks for £5-6 each!! They should not be that pricey). First up I am sharing the Tea Tree mask, I picked this one up as I have got a little bit of acne and Tea Tree usually solves that little problem.

The tea tree mask claims to relax stressed and broken out skin and calm redness down.

Apply to the skin and leave on for 20-30 minutes.

Scent and Essence 
There is a very strong prominent smell of tea tree which gives me the impression my skin is getting a really good old dose of the stuff! It's actually quite relaxing in all honesty. There was a fair amount of essence but not too much, it seemed the amount in the package was enough to keep the mask moist but not allowing for a lot of extra to be used after. This isn't a complaint though as I don't like my masks dripping. There was a very very faint tingle as I was wearing it but that's to be expected of tea tree normally.

Fit and Material
This mask is actually on the smaller compared to other Korean sheet masks, I found it actually fit to my face size perfectly leaving only a little extra at the bottom. Also holy crap these sheet masks are thicccc. I've used other sheet masks such as gel ones in the past but this is definitely the thickest sheet mask out of the cotton material ones I have tried so far. It doesn't feel too heavy but I was shocked upon initially taking it out of the packaging how heavy and thick it was. 

As per usual, I left this on for the longest recommended time (30 minutes). Upon removal it took about 10 minutes for the essence left on my face (after a massage) to absorb into my skin and I was left with skin that was feeling soft and was looking quite matte (most masks make me look dewy after) finish. The spots I had on my face were noticeably less red and didn't feel as painful as they did before and the following morning they had actually reduced in size (yay!!). There was a slight tacky feeling for a while but it did eventually go away (I tend to expect this with most masks anyway). 

Overall I'm very happy with the results of this mask and how it performed. It did what it claimed to do and it was very calming for my skin that was a little inflamed. 

I think a little stock of these would be great for when I'm suffering from a breakout to help calm it down a bit (I don't tend to get them all too often and it's only maybe 2 hormonal spots on the lower half of my face but I still don't like it!). So yes, this is a definite repurchase out of this set for me!

Have you tried these Tony Moly masks before? Which was your favourite? I've got more reviews of all of the other masks coming in time, so be on the look out!

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