Review | The Face Shop - Mini Pet Perfume Hand Cream ♡ White Floral

Monday, 11 September 2017

One of the major attraction points to Korean beauty products is without a doubt the packaging and I think you'll agree this is no exception. I'm not usually one for actually using hand creams (unless it's good old winter) but I like collecting them based on either their scent on their packaging. This one was actually picked up for me by my mum as she was having a look to see if there were any Korean make up bits in TK Maxx and this was one of the two things she found that day (the other is also cat themed!). This is actually my first product I have got from The Face Shop (this will come as a shock to other Kbeauty lovers....oops) so let's see if it will make me wanna try more!

This cute little pot of hand cream is from The Face Shop and their Mini Pet Perfume Hand Cream line which comes with four different variations in either baby, fruit, floral or sweet and each have their own little ~pet~, this one being the cat!

The packaging is a little pink flower pot with a cat popping it's wee head from the top (I'm guilty of cute packaging and I think you guys should know that already). The top of the flower pot screws off the reveal the handcream itself and this also prevents any spillages of the product as it stays in place secure. There is also a little plastic film over the actual cream as well as plastic wrap surrounding the whole pot to keep it all safe! I think after I finish using this up I may reuse this to store any sort of DIY masks and such! It's too cute to get rid of. 

The hand cream is light and has a slightly thicker aloe vera gel type texture and thickness to it, despite the lightness to it it does pack a lot of moisture. It glides onto the skin with ease and once applied, it absorbs quickly not leaving any residue or any feeling of greasiness.

As you can imagine with something with the name white floral the hand cream does have a nice soft floral scent that isn't overpowering nor does it smell like a floral scent that is too aged (if you get what I mean by that!). It does linger a little on the hands which keep them smelling nice for a period of time. 

Moisturising - yeah or nah?
Yeahyeahyeah! As said when discussing the texture, this cute little pot is very moisturising on your hands, which is what I'm after as I can tend to be quite prone to dry hands. It seems to retain it's moisture for a good few hours and makes my hands feel all lovely and soft.

I've been given a very good first impression of this little range and actually a good first impression of The Face Shop in general and it's made me wanna pick up one or two other products from them sometime in the future. It's yet another addition to my LOOK HOW CUTE THIS PACKAGING IS pile of beauty products but at least it's one that doesn't fall flat in the actual performance. 

Definitely but I think I would go for one of the other ~flavours~ so I can have a whole little collection of pots, and the sheer fact that I prefer sweet smelling things to floral scented products.

So that was my cute wee review of this little pot of cuteness. Have you tried any of these yourself or would you like to give them a go?

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