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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

My K-Beauty Files series is one that lets me share with you some bloggers that share the same interest as me in regards to Korean beauty products. It also allows my readers to discover those in a similar niche to me that will give them a little bit of a different perspective of things. Today I have the super sweet, Sophie (that was not meant to be an alliteration!!) answering my questions about Korean beauty! I met Sophie through the Etude House Pink Bird Programme this year as well as Yennie from last month.

First off, tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog! 
Hello! I’m a beauty blogger from London, and tend to focus on Asian Beauty products though I occasionally do Lush posts and subscription box unboxings. I’ve been around for almost 2 years now, and try do blog at least once a week though real life sometimes gets in the way.

When did you gain an interest in K-beauty and how did this interest come about? 
A few years ago now, and it first came about from reading about subscription boxes! I wanted to try out more skincare and make up brands, then came across some old memebox reviews and loved the cute packaging and great prices. Well that was just the beginning! I would say my interest is more in Asian Beauty than just K-Beauty though, as Japanese products are at least half my routine.
How have you gone about discovering the brands you currently use?
I use a mix of things to discover new brands. Instagram is one of the first places I tend to discover new products, as I follow the official accounts of my favourite brands and shops as well. Other times I’m looking for something specific to fill a gap, or replace a step, and will do a quick google of different reviews and round ups.

 Do you feel like your make up style is influenced at all by the styles popular in Korea? or do you mix and match Western and Eastern trends to create your own look?
Not at all! I’m not very into the dewy face and straight eyebrow trend. I would say I’m more western in my make up style, but use Asian Beauty products like Japanese mascara’s which are a godsend to my straight Asian lashes.
What is your skin type and skin troubles?
I’ve got combination skin, which veers towards very oily on the T-zone. Acne is my biggest skin trouble and what I try and focus on fixing.
In terms of brands/my current routine it is in constant flux! I often post my routine on my Instagram, and specify why I chose to use those products that day.
Are there any products or brands you have been keen to try but haven't gotten round to? 
I’d love to try more of the higher end brands such as Sulwhasoo, SK-II and History of Whoo. I’ve just not had the budget yet to do so.
Alongside myself, you were also chosen to take part in the Etude House Pink Bird Program, how did you personally find the experience as a whole? 
It was okay. At first I was very excited to be chosen, and looked forward to receiving the packages. However I was disappointed by the lack of communication and collaboration with Etude House. Particularly when they only highlighted one of the Pink Birds on their own channel, and “rewarded” two Pink Birds with extra gifts. I wish there had been some more feedback on what they wanted to see, or just some acknowledgement that they had read my posts. It was also very difficult to complete the unboxings within the 2 week timeframe. For most my collaborations I specify a minimum of 6 weeks, which gives me enough time to try out the product and fully form an opinion. The 2 week deadline meant that most my opinions on the products were first impressions.
You can read all my Pink Bird reviews here.

If there was any K-beauty brand out there that had a similar programme, which one would you like to work with?
Oh definitely the higher end brands such as History of Whoo, I would be so thrilled to even receive a couple of pr samples from them! Cosrx feels like a brand which would have more communication as well, as they’re very active on their Instagram at answering comments. I think working with stores is my preference now though, as you get a better variety of products and usually a longer time to try things out.

Thank you Sophie for taking part in this little series! Make sure you follow her on instagram and check out her blog, I also highly recommend reading her guide to Asian Skincare for Beginners which is incredibly detailed and informative with product recommendations too! Sophie also has an advanced version of you wanna go a bit deeper into it.

As before, if you would like to take part in this little series drop me an e-mail or tweet and we will arrange it together! 

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