Mask Monday ♡ A'pieu Icing Sweet Bar Sheet Mask ♡ Watermelon

Monday, 16 October 2017

One of my top favourite fruits is watermelon (my number one actually being pomegranate), despite it's slightly odd texture, I always feel refreshed eating it and it just tastes so so good. So it made it an obvious choice. Of course, the packaging being pastel pink also added an extra point to me choosing to purchase this mask out of the range of Icing Sweet Bar Sheet Masks from my ever loved A'pieu. The range actually has 4 different ~flavours~ (I never know what term to use for sheet mask variations? Face flavours? Maybe I'll use that from now on). It comes in Melon, Watermelon, Pineapple and Hanrabong (it's a form of sweet mandarin orange or so google tells me). Wanting to try more and more sheet masks and discover a few favourites, I've been picking up one or two every so often to give them a go so this was my most recent selection. 

Infused with Watermelon and Pomegranate extracts, this mask aims to give you a ~chokchok~ and moist appearance. The tencel sheet also provides improved delivery of the essence to the skin.

Following cleansing and toning the skin, apply the mask evenly to the face and leave on for 10~20 minutes. Upon removal, gently massage the remaining essence into the skin for maximum benefits.

Scent and Essence
MY GOD does this sheet mask have the sweetest smell of watermelon. Like it's that proper watermelon gummies kinda scent and this is not a complaint on my part as those are actually my favourite sweets. It makes me feel like I smell super tasty. It may be a little overpowering to some but I think because I'm such a lover of sweet smells, it's really pleasant to me. There is also a lot and I mean a LOT of essence in this package. The mask came out absolutely dripping and I constantly had to rub the run down essence into my neck and chest. It also kept dripping down onto my leg. There was also a lot sitting in the package as well which was perfect for me to use the following morning. I would actually happily just have a pot of this essence for daily use simply for the smell. LEMME SMELL LIKE WATERMELOOONE.

Fit and Material
This mask fits perfectly on me! It seems to be a little on the smaller side but this just meant there was no excess material hanging down from my face and all the holes fit well for where they should be. Due to the mask being made from tencel, the material was very thin, to the point that I was so worried I was going to accidentally tear it upon removal. However, taking my time and just being gentle with it there was no tearing! Due to it's thinness, the mask is incredibly light on the face (with perhaps only the essence adding any real weight to it) and because of this it doesn't actually feel like there's a sheet on my face and that I just had a wash off mask on. It barely looked like one on as well, it was like a second skin!

Upon removal, I got that usual sheet mask glow. My skin felt plumper and looked so much healthier. My redness had reduced around my nose (which I wasn't expecting to be an outcome from it). I definitely had that chokchok appearance after. There was a little stickiness, but I knew this would happen with there being fruit extracts in it. The mask did absorb into the skin quickly and the stickiness did subside after a while. Using it the following day allowed my make up to go on a little smoother and improved my complexion underneath (meaning less colour correcting!!).

The smell is the winning point of this mask for me. It worked well on my skin to make it look like it was incredibly moisturised, something I feel my skin has been needing with the change in the weather (hello dry skin!). I would also like to point out even though my skin is currently a little bit hypersensitive, I had no negative sensation with this mask so that is a testament to the ingredients as my skin sometimes can't handle a lot of skincare ingredients at this time.

Yes! I definitely would, and I'm going to purchase the whole range next time so I can give the other ones a try and see if they smell just as sweet and benefit my skin too! A'pieu please release a watermelon serum or something please please please.

Have you tried this range of masks before? Which one out of the 4 would you like to try the most?

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