Mask Monday ♡ Tony Moly I'm Real Sheet Mask ♡ Makgeolli

Monday, 9 October 2017

First of all, apologies for missing last week's Mask Monday. I felt like I was starting to get on a roll with these but I missed last week due to feeling a bit stressed out and a bit down in all honesty. So self care and blogging took a bit of a back seat while I tried to let myself relax and try and get myself back together. However, I'm baaaaack today~ carrying on with the Tony Moly I'm Real Sheet Masks this time in the Makgeolli variety. So what is makgeolli? Well, it's a sweet Korean alcoholic beverage made from rice (usually) or wheat, one I actually haven't tried but do intend to at somepoint (I have had soju before and I ended up getting fairly drunk after one bottle.....I'm a cheap date). The beverage itself is supposed to be very benficial to the skin containing a heap of probiotics along with vitamins and minerals, leaving several benefits to the skin. 

The mask claims to make uneven skin tone look more radiant and glowing.

After cleansing and toning, apply to the face and leave for 20~30 minutes.

Scent and Essence
Okay I was genuinely expecting this to have a more alcoholic scent to it but it's rather sweet instead. The essence resembled the colour of makgeolli with it being slightly milky white in colour. There wasn't a massive amount of it in the package but again, the right amount to make sure that the mask was actually soaked in it. It's a shame I'm finding the Tony Moly Masks like this because I do like to use the excess essence the following morning in my skincare to get more benefit from the mask. I did find this one did sting a fair amount on my face, more so than the tea tree one. I can't pinpoint if this is due to the ingredients or my skin possibly being hypersensitive due to stress and hormones. So I won't rule this as a negative just yet (until I get to try one out again!).

Fit and Material
As I've mentioned previously, the mask is smaller compared to other masks I've found and is one of the thicker cotton type ones I have used. This does sometimes mean it's difficult to keep it on my face if I am upright but that just gives me more of an excuse to chill out and lie down. It feels initially heavy when you remove it from the packet but the material itself is very soft and comfortable to wear. Note: For my next posts on the same range of masks I will have a copy-paste paragraph here to make sure information is given on a repeated range in single posts.

Upon initial removal, I did find my skin looked a little red (not like, burning red, but a bit redder than usual), but this did settle down as the essence absorbed into my skin. It did absorb within about 10 minutes as with the majority of masks I've used, a slight tackiness remained. My skin looked brighter, dewy and glowy. I also felt my skin had tightened a little bit as well, so it was more taut.

Yeah I really liked this mask aside from the stinging I experience with it. I'm going to put that down to hypersensitivity this time and give it another go when perhaps my skin is feeling like it's happy self. 

I definitely want to give this another try and I like the glow it gives me so I would probably repurchase these for sure. I'm going to try and have more make up free days and I think this would give me a nice healthy glow if I was to go to work make up less. 

Have you tried the Tony Moly masks yourself? Let me know your favourite!

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