Unboxing Ichiko Bento's August Bento

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Believe it or not, I have never actually subscribed to any beauty boxes! It's something I always considered but by the time payday comes around I already have a wishlist of things I need to get ASAP. So, I was incredibly surprised and grateful to be able to try out one of Ichiko Bento's boxes! Ichiko Bento is a subscription service that provides a mixture of both Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese beauty products. They provide two different sizes of "bento", the Classic priced at 14 contains 5 products and the Deluxe priced at 26 contains 5-7 products, one of which being a full sized skincare product. This is ideal for those that are interested in getting into Asian beauty but don't know what products to start with, or for those already heavily into Asian products and want a little surprise each month or just a variation things to try. This box I received is their August box which has the theme of Island Escape. Let's get into what I actually received in this box!
I would like to clarify that I will not be reviewing the products in this post, only sharing the items received, this is unless the products don't require a standalone post to review.  I also used the mint green fluffy throw to try and attempt to make my photos look more autumnal while also refusing to change my whole pastel aesthetic, you're welcome. 
First up we have the Neogen Green Tea Cleanser. I only actually heard of this brand fairly recently when I started following more kbeauty bloggers on instagram and I noticed they have been praising the peeling pads (which are on my wishlist now). So I was surprised and happy to see that I got to try one of their products. I already have a cleanser for my current routine however, I am happy to switch up my AM routine in the least as I don't have a very strict one. So I've started using this since I got it as a morning cleanser as foam cleansers tend to be nice and light, as all I'm wanting to to clean away the dirt on my face from sleeping. 
Now for a fairly common μΈμƒν…œ for those into kbeauty and that is the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel. Aloe is something I have been using for the last 8 or so years on my skin due to it's very beneficial properties. This comes in a nice big tub that will last you a decent amount of time. It's great for use on acne, dry skin and handy to have around for any burns you may have. I have had this item a couple of times already and my partner actually stole my last one for the most part to help his psoriasis but this will be the first product from this box for me to review as I've had plenty of experience with using it. 

A product I haven't actually tried despite the popularity of it is the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder. I don't often use powders on my face but I have started using them recently whenever I am not wearing make up to preserve my skincare or to mattify my face if my foundation or BB cream gives too much of a dewy finish for me (I like dat base matte). 

Our first Japanese product is a GOFUN Nail Varnish in Tsuyabeni. I can actually give a mini review of this product as well! I find it difficult to test longevity of nail varnishes as I work with food and water so much that any I do wear tends to chip off as I'm so busy with my hands all day. But the colour itself is a gorgeous bold red. It's a very "real" red kind of shade and one that I really like. Needing to update my nail varnish collection, this is a nice addition to the reds and one I will most likely choose to wear around Christmas time.

I loooooooove sheet masks and you should know that by now! I love getting to try new ones out, find ones with better fits, more pleasant smells and more actual benefits to my skin (since, ya know, that's what they are for) so I was so happy to get another added to my box where I store them all to try. I received the Mediheal N.M.F Aquamaring Ampoule Mask and it is one I am actually really excited to try as I have heard fantastic things about it! So expect to see this pop up in my Mask Monday in the next week or so.

A handy little thing to pop in your bag sometimes, especially if you suffer from oily skin or the weather is a little bit humid is a packet of blotting sheets. This is something I don't tend to actually go out and buy but I do often receive them in sample sets when I buy my cosmetics on eBay. The design on the pack is gorgeous as well!

Sample Sirens!! Weewooweewoooooo.
I am the world's biggest sample hoarder and I only recently got round to actually trying to start to get throw my stash of hundreds of samples so I quite frankly don't need anymore but this is always a beneficial thing to me as it gives me an idea of what products I would and would not like to try at somepoint in the future. This is a method I use often which has lead to me finding skincare and BB creams that I like. The samples given were the Alive:Lab Multi Ice Cream which is a gel based moisturiser and the Benton Papaya D Sun Cream. These are ones that will most likely get used when I get round to needing to find new products to add into my collection. 

Last up we have this adorable little make up pouch. The design of this is so simple and cute and I absolutely love it! It's definitely of a good size and will be handy to take my skincare stuff with me if I'm ever staying away somewhere for the night! As you can see below it holds everything that I received in this month's box and I could probably fit a good few things more in here too. It is quite a light bag so it's nothing super sturdy or ~shaped~ but it's definitely still a handy bag to have. 

So that's a wrap on this post! This was just to showcase all of the products given in the August box and I have to say I am really impressed with the amount of products and the sheer size of them. The products seem to be ones that can all be used in conjunction with each other as well, which can only be seen as a good thing.

I would like to thank Ichiko Bento (primarily Joanna who came to me) who generously let me try out one of their boxes and I have to say I reckon in the new year I will get one of these boxes seasonally to try some new things out! As I have big hopes for the other ones following this. 

Have you tried any of the products featured in this Bento or are there any that are sticking out to you that you would like to try? Let me know in the comments below~

Remember to keep an eye out on the blog for future reviews of the products mentioned. 

This box was sent to me by Ichiko Bento for promotional/reviewing purposes of the box itself. Opinions are still 100% honest. 

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