A Little Innisfree Skincare Haul

Thursday, 2 November 2017

It's been a while since I actually bought some skincare products, but after using up everything I had I finally decided to get my hands on some new stuff to treat my skin to. I was initially going to get from a range of brands but decided to stick solely to Innisfree this time and a particular range they have out which is their The Minimum range. It claims to have a very high percentage of natural ingredients and to be made for sensitive skin. Due to my skin being a little bit hyper sensitive lately, this seemed like the ideal choice for me to pick up. I also decided to pick up another face mask, as aside from my A'pieu Gelato Mask I only have sheet masks, so I need something a little extra! 

I will be doing full reviews of each item in the near future, but after I have given the products a good 6 weeks at least to test out and see if they benefit my skin properly! 

I won't lie, but I partially actually picked this batch up just because of the sheet fact it has that lovely little mint green line on the packaging because #aesthetic. When it comes to the cleansers in the range, there is a gel cleanser and a foam cleanser and just for the sheer purpose of having something nice and gentle to clean my face with I have chosen the foam cleanser out of the two. This will just be to give my skin a little extra cleanse as I use an oil cleanser before I use anything else on my skin!

I've seen a fair few facial mists in the Kbeauty scene, some with actives in them and some, like this one are actually a toner. This is going to be my first experience with a spray toner but I find it's going to be beneficial to me and less wasteful as I don't apply toner with a cotton pad but I pour an amount into my hands and pat it into my skin until it's absorbed, so this is a better choice for me and I'm sure if I like this I can hunt about for other toners that are applied in this manner!

I can't just do the cleanse-tone-moisturise routine, I have to have a couple of extra steps in my routine to make sure my skin is well looked after. I actually sway between 6-9 steps in my nightly routine and I usually have to have something that adds a little oommmf to my skin. Whether this is an ampoule, serum or both. In this case I went for an ampoule to give myself a boost! 

One of the last steps in anyone's skin routine is going to be moisturiser. It's definitely a necessity, especially in the winter when my skin is needing it the most. Ya girl suffers real bad in the winter time with dry and red skin. So I'm hoping this is delicate enough to not cause my skin to feel like it's burning and also be strong enough to give my skin the moisture boost it needs. 

 Last up in my wee haul is the Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask in lavender (Calming). I want all of these and I genuinely struggled to pick which one I wanted, but I figured due to my redness, that the calming one may be the better one to choose for the meantime. I will eventually pick up others to target other areas of my face, since the target of these masks is for multimasking. They were promoted quite heavily on Broduce 101 and by the winners, Wanna One following the shows end. Likeeeee so:

So that was just my little Innisfree haul! I'm really hoping I find some success with these products and I'm going to try and stick with using all these products as part of my evening routine and hope that it makes some form of difference to my skin. Keep your eyes peeled for future reviews of these products in the future and see how they fare! 

Have you tried any of the products mentioned in this post? Or are you keen to try them yourself? Do you have any favourite Innisfree products yourself? 

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