Introducing The By Wishtrend Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

I was recently given the opportunity by Wishtrend to try out their newest product added to their By Wishtrend skincare line. Something I was quite ecstatic about as the lovely people at Wishtrend are so enthusiastic when it comes to skincare and seeing them have their own line of stuff seems like such an accomplishment for them. So this nifty little product is the Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash, yep you read that right, powder wash. This is a new feat for me to be trying out, which makes the experience all that little more exciting for me. This was launched on the 10th of November (I fully intended on posting about this that day but thanks to my laptop issues I couldn't) and it can be purchased here*. 

The product comes in a gorgeous pale apple green shade, perfectly fitting for the green tea ingredient. The bottle feels sturdy and well produced. The design is minimalist yet slightly sleek at the same time while managing to be cute. Due to the powder product inside it is also very lightweight.

The cleanser has a flip top cap that is on the secure side. This combined with it being a powder cleanser makes it ideal for taking with you on your travels as if any of the product does manage to get out (say they were particularly excited about moving your bags about) then you can scoop it back into the bottle instead of having everything in your bag soaked by a cleanser. 

To use the product you simply empty a small amount of the powder into your hands and mix with a tiny bit of water. The powder dissolves and bubbles up to a little collection of soft gentle bubbles. If you rub the water into the powder immediately you can apply the bubbles directly to your face but if you manage to not mix it in and mix when rubbing on your face you will get to use the product as a very soft and gentle exfoliant. I prefer to use it as the latter as I feel my skin feels a lot softer afterwards. 

As you can see above it becomes a gentle bubbly, frothy soap which is perfect for sensitive skin. One of the key things is to make sure to use lukewarm water to actually allow the enzymes to take effect with your skin. 

This cleanser also contains baking powder and enzymes derived from papaya which allows for the effect of gentle exfoliation without causing you to cause harm and pull at the skin. It helps take care of blackheads and provides an amount of moisturisation to the skin as well. One of the key ingredients is the green tea extract. You will probably know by now that green tea is a fantastic antioxidant and it can do wonders for the skin as well. It calms the skin down and helps clear up any skin issues. You can find more detailed information on the product page I linked at the top of the page!

So what was my own experience with this cleanser?

One of the things that makes me love this cleanser so much is that it has this pure matcha scent to it. One of my favourite smoothies is a vanilla matcha smoothie and this just reminds me of that and makes me crave one! It's such a light gentle scent and has such a natural undertone to it rather than smelling artificial. I love how gently it foams up but how well it cleanses the skin in doing so. I've found my complexion has improved somewhat since I started using it a few weeks ago as I have been using it most mornings before I apply my make up. It leaves the skin feeling silky smooth after application and brightens the complexion almost immediately. This effect tends to stay with prolonged use. 

One thing I will say is that because of the fact that there is baking soda in it it may not be suitable for those with sensitive skin as it may feel a bit harsh and drying if you use it too regularly. I tend to swap this out every two-three days to use a foam cleanser and then go back to it. It doesn't seem to cause any irritation with my skin which is probably due to me having quite robust skin. I have used it during periods of hypersensitivity and I haven't dealt with any of the burning sensations that some other cleansers leave me with during this time. It is also recommended by Wishtrend to not using this product in conjunction with ingredients such as retinol, Vitamin C in high quantities (such as a serum) and AHA/BHA actives. This can cause some issues with your skin so it's best to avoid them when using this cleanser. 

So far throughout the past few weeks I have only had positive things to say about this, so I'm overally pretty happy with this product. I would recommend it to any skin type but for those with sensitive skin to be a bit more careful with how often you use it. I think once I use this up I would probably purchase another bottle of it as I love the premise of having a powder cleanser that gives my skin a necessary gentle exfoliation on a regular basis while keeping it looking clean and fresh and aiding in some of my skin issues. 

Have you tried this cleanser yourself or would you like to give it a go? Have you yourself ever come across a powder cleanser? 

* This post contains a product that was sent to me for review and promotional purposes. Link shared with * is an affiliate link, purchase via this link is not necessary but means I get a little percentage of the sale. 

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