Mask Monday ♡ Tony Moly I'm Real Sheet Mask ♡ Lemon

Monday, 27 November 2017

I am back and I am back with the best series on this blog (I know y'all love my mask mondays!). 

I recently posted about the fact that my laptop broke and I thought I would update you all first that I managed to get all my files safely off the laptop without having to spend a fortune getting someone from data recovery to do it for me. I also got a new laptop thanks to my mum's boyfriend, who very kindly bought me a new one (I just pay him back a little each month!), so this means I can get back into blogging!
I've actually been managing to take good care of my skin lately, which is a bit of a shock for me as I tend to just use my stuff for a couple days and then give up. However, I have managed to stay consisitent and it is showing in my skin. I have however, had a few days this week that I haven't had a lot of sleep so my skin has been looking a little bit on the dull side, so I decided to pick up one of my masks that would give my skin a little brightness boost and reduce some of the redness in my face as well. Tony Moly's I'm Real Mask in Lemon seemed to be the perfect fit for the job, so it's time to see if it does the trick!

This sheet mask aims to make dull and dark skin glow with radiance.

Following cleansing and toning, apply the mask evenly to the face and leave on for 20-30 minutes.

Scent and Essence
As expected from a lemon mask, there is a very obvious lemon scent and it is one that resembles the smell of those wet wipes you get from fast food restaurants. It's not too overpowering and it's quite pleasant. The essence itself I found to absorb completely into the mask the quickest out of all the masks in the range I have used so far. After 20 minutes of wear, the mask was nearly completely dry. However, when I removed the mask, it seemed to take quite a while for the mask to absorb into my skin. There seemed to be a little extra of the essence sitting in the bottom of the package so it meant I had a little bit to use the next day when I was doing my morning skincare routine. 

Fit and Material
The Tony Moly I'm Real Sheet Masks are a little on the heavier side due to there being 3 layers to it. The fit is obviously dependant on the person but I find these tend to fit me fairly well, usually just leaving a little bit of excess on the jaw as I have quite a small and short face.

I actually didn't manage to wear this for as long as I wanted, my little relaxing mask time got interrupted by my wee one but I still got the 20 minutes! Upon instant removal I notice my skin looked a lot brighter than it was previously. The redness in my skin had been reduced a decent amount and I felt my skin was looking a bit more radiant as well. This radiance stayed with me until the morning, which is always a bonus. As I said previously, it did take a while to absorb fully and when it did, it really didn't add any moisture to my skin, it dried it out! I guess I shouldn't expect a massive amount of moisture in a brightening mask, but I don't expect my masks to dry my skin out!?

The mask did as it claimed to an extent but I could have done with it being a lot less drying on my skin.  

It's a no from me. I have used other masks that give the brightening effect given here if not better and they don't dry my skin out as much. 

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