See You Soon

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

I just thought I would get a post up explaining that I'm not going to be blogging/blogging as much over the next little while. Yesterday, to my annoyance, my laptop decided it wanted to get stuck in a loop of a black screen and won't even go into safe mode to try and recover it from a previous state, so it's completely unusable. 

This of course means I don't have a way of blogging in a conveniently accessible way. My partner does have a PC but he's usually using it or his PS4 (which shares the monitor for the PC, so I can't just freely go on whenever I want. I also sometimes like to go away and come back to something if I am writing it up. It's an inconvenience so I'll probably not be posting up on here for the next while, dependant on how long it can take me to find a way of getting a new laptop or saving up for one. 

The thing that upset me the most about all of this was the fact that all the photos I've taken of my daughter since she was born and big family events were all on that laptop and I can't access them with there being a chance they are lost. I'm trying to remain hopeful and think that there is just an issue with the OS and the HDD itself. I'm going to get someone to try and recover all my files next month and if I manage to get everything back that will save me one hell of a world of upset. I also lost a bunch of photos that I had pretaken for blog posts, but those aren't as much of a priority to me as the photos of my daughter. 

I'll still be active on my other social media, primarily twitter for the moment as I won't be able to get as much content out on Instagram as all my photos bar my selcas are taken on my camera and edited on the laptop. I'll still spend some time while not blogging taking photos and writing up notes for posts when I manage to get something sorted out. 

I thought it would be best to do a little update so that any readers that don't follow me elsewhere don't think I've just gone MIA. I'll be back as soon as I can and I may have the odd blog post done from time to time if I get a chance to sit and get one done. 

Thank you and see ya soon~

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