Mask Monday ♡ Leaders Mediu Amino Moisture Mask

Monday, 11 December 2017

I've been meaning to try a lot more brands when it comes to my sheet masks, there are one or two brands who's affordable sheet masks I will always return to due to affordability and effectiveness (Etude House, Innisfree and A'pieu mainly). But I want to try more, try and find my holy grail masks that I can turn to whenever I have a skincare need that needs a little maintenance. Today I have one from a brand that I have been wanting to try for a while and I actually got this as a little bonus gift from a giveaway I won ran by BOXNIP. I was quite thankful for this as it lets me get a little preview of the brands masks performance before I go and buy. 

Leaders have a range of 5 Amino masks, sheet masks with essence infused with a large amount of amino acids to help treat your skin and improve it's quality. I'm not great when it comes to speaking about sciencey stuff but I do know that amino acids are what make up proteins and your skin has a number of structural proteins to it, collagen being one you're probably most familiar with. Allowing our skin and bodies a little boost with their amino acids helps with functions of your body. I'm sure someone could probably explain this better than me but I hope that lets ya know enough ;;;

This particular mask focuses on moisturising your skin. Containing a total of 17 amino acids, the 17 amino acids that make up that of collagen, helping boost your skins production of the protein. Lysine is the amino acid in this sheet mask that is responsible for boosting moisture in the skin combined with ceramide and hyaluronic acid. Now, that is my attempt at explaining the science behind this mask done poorly so let's get onto how it actually performed for me. 

Cleanse and tone your skin as usual, apply the mask to your face evenly and wear it for 15~20 minutes.

Scent and Essence 
Okay, this mask had a LOT of essence in the package and I mean a lot. This is always seen as a bonus for me as it means I can give my skin a little bit of an extra boost the morning after by applying it as part of my skincare routine. So that is definitely not a complaint for the most part but it did make getting the actual sheet out of the package a bit of a challenge because it was just so messy. However, once the mask was on it was on, I just spent a couple of minutes when it was initially applied rubbing any of the excess that had dripped down into my neck and chest area to give them a little bit of care. The mask had a scent that is quite familiar to me but I can't quite describe it. It's very pleasant and it has a very ~skincare~ kinda smell to it.  

Fit and Material
I found the mask was of a standard thickness for sheet masks if not just a little bit on the thicker side. The fit itself was okay at best but I never really expect any sort of mask to fit me perfectly as I have quite a small head and face. My main problem area with the fit was the lip area as it just want to hang down underneath. So I had to recline myself a little to make it a little more on the comfortable side. 

First thing I have to point out is my skin looked ridiculously brighter than it was before I put this mask on. It had brightened up my complexion so much which I wasn't expecting at all. It did such a good job of doing that that it made my eyebags look even darker than they do (this is not a plus and is a sign I need to do a bit more to care for them!!). The mask did leave that nice sheet mask stickiness you've probably come to love and hate at the same time and it did take a fair bit of time to soak into my skin fully. This is one reason why most sheet masks I recommend using before bed so your skin can have the time to absorb all that goodness while you sleep. But when it did eventually absorb I found my skin felt incredibly moisturised and it was definitely a boost that my skin needed. 

I really liked this mask and it performed better than I expected and did more than it claimed to do. After my not so great experience with a brightening mask from Tony Moly a few weeks ago where it dried out my skin, I think I've found one that I would probably recommend as an alternative as you get the moisturising effect that it claims to give while also doing a fantastic job at brightening the skin. 

Yes definitely! I would definitely like to use this one a bit more regularly when my skin is feeling a bit dry (especially as it's snowing now and the heating is on a lot more, it's drying my poor skin out a bit!) and I would definitely give the other masks in the range a try. 

Trying this sheet mask out has given me a good glimpse into the performance of Leaders' sheet masks and I think in the near future I am going to make a purchase of a selection of them to try and find my favourites from the range. Have you tried any yourself? Is there any you would recommend? Let me know below! 

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